Herbal Heightening Conditioning Essential Oil Review | UNBOXING MABREM AND TRYING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Some of you might stumble on this trying to research on "how to grow taller", or perhaps you are reading some articles and blog regarding "ways to increase your height." Well, it's really depressing when you can't do your passion and reach your dreams because your height hinders everything. Being stout and small makes you feel so weak and vulnerable. It affects your self-esteem and confidence in life. 

What's really harsh is that some jobs and courses have height requirements for you to be able to enroll or get the work. Some of these jobs are flight attendants, police officers, modeling, brand ambassador and more. It's also saddening when based on some surveys tall people are more ideal to be promoted as managers or public speakers. Last 2004, one study found that the taller you are, the more you earn money. Are you getting my point? Well, being small s*cks!

Personally, I am not that tall. I could say my height is just average for my country. I still remember when an Australian asked me at the mall if how old I am, and when I told him my real age he was surprised about it. He even told me "I look high schooler!" which is quite offending for a 25 yrs old guy. But anyway, that's just one of my experiences that really affects my confidence. It's depressing!

That's when I decided to take growth supplements to increase my height even a few inches. I also research activities and exercises to boost my growth hormone productions. One good example of a growth supplement is "Gloxi Height Enhancer" which I have written my experience a year ago. You can check it here: "Gloxi Height Enhancer Review: Results After Taking it for 4 months"

So in this blog, I will be unboxing and trying for the first time this "Mabrem Herbal Heightening Conditioning Essential Oil".that I discovered while doing some shopping online. I came across on this product while typing "grow taller supplements" so I got curious if its really effective of not since most of the pills and supplement to grow taller is so expensive! And this oil is very economical so it would be a bad thing to try.


Based on its product description, it is composed of a wide range of herbaceous plant extracts that can be used to refine and ease the feet, accelerate the growth of bone cells, prolong the bone line closure, stimulate the development of bone again and achieve heightening effect.

  • Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil
  • Mineral Oil
  • Caprylic/capric Triglyceride
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil
  • Mentha Haplocalyx Oil
  • Pelargonium Graveolens Leaf Oil

#1. Apply essential oil before going to bed every night and massage your foot for about 10-20 minutes.

#2. Provide stimulation to the foot while massaging like rubbing or pinching the foot.

#3. You can use a foot bath with heating and massage function when condition permit for better result. 

#4. This essential oil is for external use only and avoid getting it to contact your eyes. 


And if you are wondering where did I purchased this, you can check it out for legit resellers here:
If you are from a different country, please comment down and I'll double-check for you where you can purchase this essential oil.


My first impression for this herbal heightening conditioning essential oil is that I thought it will smell unpleasant just like the oil I used for the hair and beard. But I was so wrong, this Mabrem Essential Oil for increasing height really smells good and soothing for massage. It feels like there is a little bit of a mint sensation and the scent is relaxing. The oil is not sticky at all not like other essential oils that are irritating because of its stickiness. And once you put it into your skin and spread it to massage, it feels so good, as it eases the muscle tension and pain of my feet due to intense jogging this few days. I will also advice you to ask help to your friend or family member to massage your feet before you sleep for better stimulation of your foot.

Hence, I look forward to a positive result and hope it will really help me increase my height even for few inches especially if I apply it every night consistently for months. I will keep you posted guys for my results in my next blog about this. 

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