Shopee Affiliate Program Guide: How to Join for Beginners and Setup your Payment Settings Correctly

Are you attempting to find a decent side gig on the internet? If so, you should consider participating in the Shopee Affiliate program. With Involve Asia, I began my affiliate marketing career. At that point, I realized how much money could be made by posting links to products online, especially because I already had a Facebook profile and a YouTube channel to advertise. You may read my earlier blog post about Involve Asia here if it piques your curiosity. - INVOLVE ASIA REVIEW

I can already promote products on Lazada, Shopee, and Aliexpress with Involve Asia, and it's really user-friendly. Though it was merely a side gig for me at the time, I was content with my monthly earnings, which only made up $20 to $40. Since Shopee Affiliate claimed to be more profitable than using a third-party network like Involve Asia, I made the decision to give it a try and start promoting products directly. So fast forward to when I realize that utilizing Shopee Affiliate, I could make more money in a month. Allow me to explain to you how to sign up for the Shopee Affiliate program.

Steps to Join Shopee Affiliate

1. Go to the Shopee Affiliate Program website to register.

2. Login to your Shopee account.

3. On your registration, fill out the required fields: account type (individual), personal information, and make sure to verify your email address.

4. For the social media platform, make sure to use your account, which has more followers. I used my YouTube channel to apply and got approved after 1 day. Your social media platform must have at least 1000 followers and have at least 1 post in the last 2 weeks.

Setting Up Payment Details

The most difficult and important step in the Shopee Affiliate process is setting up your payment information. I had to change it more than once because I didn't seek for assistance and I just entered the information I knew, not realizing that doing so would reset the review and perhaps lengthen the approval period. I learned that it will take 21 days for your tax information and payment settings to be approved after searching Facebook communities for answers. So that you don't make the same mistakes I did, allow me to assist you in setting up your payment information.

For "Beneficiary Info," the account type will be local individual. The beneficiary's full name should be in the correct order (last, middle, first). And input your mobile number.

For bank information, if you have registered and opened your Seabank account online, You just copied the information here.

For secondary bank account, you can use any of the local banks you use. In my case, I used my BDO Savings account.

For the tax information, you just put NO for BIR registered. I used my UMID ID for my primary ID and my PhilHealth ID for my secondary ID. Make sure the photos of your IDs are clear and readable. 

Payment Proof

After a few months of promoting and fixing my payment settings, I've finally received my payment receipts. So if you are wondering if you will still get your pending payouts, don't worry, as you will still get them. You will receive multiple emails asking you to "acknowledge" your receipts. My first payout on Shopee Affiliate was 8,368.95 pesos! Commission payouts are usually every week. So I can finally say Shopee Affiliate is good and legit! Try it out.

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