Ezshop.Asia Affiliate Referral Program Review - Legit or Scam?

Disclaimer: This blog is purely my experience with Ezshop.Asia affiliate program and how they treat me as a member of the referral program. This is not a sponsored post and I didn't get anything from reviewing this affiliate program. 

As a blogger, writing is really my passion, and while doing what you really enjoy in life, cash is just part of the benefits. On this website, I generally review products and services online, and I make sure that I personally experience giving unbias criticism and feedback. I was able to notice recently that my "Gloxi Height Enhancer Blogs" are gaining so much attention and gaining thousands of opinions a week so I decided to search how to gain from it as my AdSense is not working for my personal blog yet. So I came across by searching online which stores are selling the product. I realized they were one of the major distributors of Gloxi Supplements in the Philippines so I decided to register for their affiliate programs.
Ezshop.Asia Affiliate Referral Program Review
Photo courtesy by Ezshop.Asia.

After registering, I realize they've got multiple ways to earn points and cash on their website, which is really awesome. I read their mechanics carefully about how to earn these points because it's a good opportunity for me to earn something and to be able to fund the maintenance of my website while waiting for my AdSense to be approved. These are the ways you can make a living on


You can gain Ezcash Points by just sharing your prompt connection via email or your social media accounts. They'll offer you P200 Ezcash when you invite someone to their website, and the catch is that they'll give you P300 Ezcash as a newbie to join the network. Ezcash is equal to 1 peso, so if you have P1000 Ezcash you'll get 100 pesos off and so on.


With a member referral program, you will need to go to your affiliate program page to get a private distinctive referral link that you can share with your colleagues. Once someone registers under your referral link, they will automatically register under your network and you will receive 20 pesos per call.


Usually, this is a referral program that you're really going to gain more because you're going to share goods, and once you've made a sale, each sale will be commissioned. The more products you sell through your link, the more you gain!

Those are the three ways how to earn on their website which is very catchy and at the same time persuading, besides its very easy to share your link especially if you have a huge following on your social media account and have a good website to promote their products.


The incentive program they were offering was truly very nice and I was really enthusiastic about it when I first put my member's referral link and item referral link on my website. I also shared it with my facebook group about Gloxi, which already has about 4,000 members and is still increasing.

After a week, I started to gain momentum with the help of my blogs about Gloxi and my readers begun to register on their website using my member's referral link code. I also started to earn per registration and exploded more and reached 80 registration based on my dashboard and earned Php. 1,600 pesos which I can withdraw already since the minimum threshold is Php.1000.00. 

Ezshop.Asia Affiliate Referral Program Review

But every time I try to withdraw, it doesn't allow me to, and it keeps displaying a website mistake. Check out these screenshots.

I also have income for my product referral program, but I've noticed that no transactions have ever been finished and just placed me in vain.

I've also attempted many times to withdraw my income, but I've never had the chance to do that. I did email their customer service and their affiliate marketing support but left hopeless. They've never answered my emails, and they've totally overlooked it. But when you ask about the purchase of their products, they will react instantly.

After experiencing their rudeness and failure to fix my withdrawal problem, I decided to remove their affiliate program from my website and stop promoting their shop on my personal websites and social media organizations. Very unscrupulous and somehow a scam affiliate program-NOT RECOMMENDED!

Hope this helps you guys in deciding and don't waste your time and effort if you plan to join their affiliate program.

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