Walnut Hotel Review - Cubao Quezon City, Philippines

If you are looking for cheap hotels and accommodations in Cubao, Quezon City - Walnut Hotel should be included in your hotel choices. Location is just walking-distance near LRT Station and the place is not too crowded. 

Cheap Hotel in Cubao
Walnut Hotel Cubao, Quezon City


Address:  59 New York Street Corner St. Mary Street, Cubao, E Rodriguez Sr, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila

Phone Number(02) 438 5111

Facebook Page: Walnut Hotel Cubao QC  

Amenities: WIFI, Box-type Television, Aircon, Comfort Room

House Rules and Regulations:

Walnut Hotel
Walnut Hotel Rules and Regulations
Walnut Hotel
Walnut Hotel Charges for Loss or Damage

Food Menu: The food that was served to us for breakfast is succulent. It tastes good and I like it. You get a free breakfast meal when you book for 24 hours. 

Walnut Hotel
Free Breakfast @ Walnut Hotel 

Walnut Hotel
Walnut Hotel Menu

Walnut Hotel
Walnut Hotel Food Menu
The room is not that classy and elegant but just good enough for a nice rest. It's cheap, clean and affordable. The television signal is not that stable at higher floors. Some rooms don't have a mirror luckily mine does have. I also observed that the aircon is old but still works fine and cold if you put it to the maximum. Pillows, bedding, and the blanket are clean and what's really cool about it is that when you rub your fingers to the blanket it creates visible sparks caused by friction, I played a lot of it. Try it if you book at to them!

Walnut Hotel
Walnut Hotel - Bed Sample

Walnut Hotel
Walnut Hotel TV Sample
Here is a picture of there comfort room, there is no heater so you'll surely shiver when you take a bath. LOL. And some rooms have a toilet that doesn't flush too well.

Walnut Hotel
Walnut Hotel Comfort Room

As for my rating, I'll give this hotel 7/10 for being clean, affordable and accessible since its near at LRT - Araneta Cubao Station. Service staff is polite and friendly. If you are a thrifty and frugal traveler, this hotel fits your budget!

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