Microworkers Review: How to Start Earning With Micro Jobs

Microworkers is a website that allows its users to earn from doing simple tasks or what they call micro-jobs. After completing the micro-jobs, it will be reviewed by the employer (someone who posted the job) and if the employer is satisfied with your work then, they will pay you money which ranges from $0.2 - $7.00 depending on the task you have accomplished. 

Photo Courtesy: Microworker 

Microworkers have the following major features:

#1. Automated task rating – each task will be verified or rated if satisfied or not

#2. Multiple Campaign Zones Available – a run campaign to countries from campaign zone of your choice

#3. Include/Exclude Option – you can choose one or more countries from the chosen campaign zone or restrict some countries from your campaign

#4. Unique task assignment for every worker - there are plenty of available task for each worker

#5. Choose your worker – it can be individual or group. You can assign the task to a group of selected/preferred workers based on their qualifications.

#7. Extend campaign- you can restart an old campaign and add new positions. No task will be repeated since campaign will not be displayed to workers who have already finished the task.

#8. Easy tasking rating – you can rate individually or by the group. You can also stay inside your budget, which means you can pay only tasks that you approve of. Each task will be rated within 7 days after submission; the unrated task will be auto-rated by the system.

#9. Other Features – such as user-friendly design, transaction records, various payment methods, and success rate.


There are many ways on how to earn a decent amount of money with Microworker. All you need to do is to have the qualifications to be qualified in doing the task. Since some campaigns are only open in some countries, you need to read carefully the criteria before doing the task. You might not like wasting your time doing the task which is not open to your country. Below are some following ways on how to earn with Microworkers:

  • Youtube comment and like
  • Content writing (which has the highest payment)
  • Facebook follow/like/share
  • Google+ post and + like
  • Signing up for websites
  • Voting for videos and entries
  • Paid surveys


So basically, you’re here searching for payment proof if the site is a legit or a scam site. Honestly, the site really pays and doesn’t doubt for I am telling the truth. And in order for you get paid, you need to have $9+for you redeem via PayPal.

But before you redeem your earnings, you need to verify your account by sending a request on their site. They will be sending you a snail mail with code that will be used in activating your account. Below is my first payment from microwrokers:

Earn Money Online with Microworker

I hope I have enlightened you on how the site really works. Please keep in mind that earning on Microworkers depends on how many tasks you’ll be doing and accomplished. And based on my experience, you will need to answer qualifying questions to enter a survey. If you have questions feel free to comment down below. Thank you for reading!


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