Lucky Pick Travel and Tours Review: Scam or Legit?

Disclaimer: This is feedback and personal experience about this travel and tours agency. This is not a sponsored post or trickery to destroy entities but a guide for travelers who are looking for answers about how this travel agency serves their customers.

It’s been a year now when we booked a tour with this travel agency. I could still remember how troublesome it was when my best friend and I were put in a situation where its the day of our journey to Baler, Aurora and they surprisingly canceled it at the pick-up time. I freshly remember when we were already waiting in a McDonald's branch at "Mall of Asia" when they called my friend and told us they can't continue the tour because some of the joiners back out. We were so angry and disappointed at that moment that we posted our sentiments against them on Facebook. 

We were totally devastated because we were so ecstatic for the tour and already packed for the travel adventure but they've spoiled that extreme excitement by cancelling it in a very unprofessional manner and what's even worse is that we're already waiting for their van to pick us up.

Anyways, you might just wonder why I just posted this blog. Well, we thought we were the only victim who had experienced this type of frustration from their travel and tour agency but by surprised more and more travelers are experiencing the same thing and are reaching out to me on Facebook if this travel and tour agency is really legitimate because they are not replying anymore to them and only get automatic replies. 

Some of these joiners have a direct message to me on Facebook asking if this "Lucky Pick Travel and Tours" is legitimate or not because they see some bad reviews against the travel agency. So I decided to write a blog about how frustrating our experience with them like a nightmare. Here are some of the direct messages:

What did we do next after the cancelation of the tour?

Usually, every travel and tours agency asks for a partial payment for the tour package you are going to buy, and that's the same with me and my best friend. We paid the initial payment and everything went smoothly. But the travel agency canceled it on the day of travel. We spoke to them immediately and asked if they had other travel agency partners where they could endorse us for us just to be able to tour Baler, Aurora even if we added extra. 

But they've answered us-sorry, we haven't.

We asked for a refund, but they insisted not to do it immediately and it took us a couple of days to process it, so we got into this situation where we got angry. And we had no choice but to contact our previous travel agency and ask if they have the travel schedule for Baler, Aurora on the same day and luckily we managed to find another travel agency so we had our tour to Baler, Aurora. 

How did we refund our partial payment?

Although the experience has already been bad, we are lucky enough that my best friend has her sister working in the DTI "Department of Trade and Industry" and she immediately contacted her sister and complained about the agency. My best friend called Lucky Picks Travel and Tours again and warned them that if they do not reimburse the money they will be sued and may lose licensed travel agency there. That's where we managed to repay the money. 

Some even shared that they told the travel agency that if they don't reimburse the money, they would complain to "TULFO" radio broadcast. Fortunately, they also got a refund there. They also have the same experience as with me and my best friend.

But communication and everything was troubling! So we posted feedback on Facebook and Group Page on Facebook to warn travelers not to trust this agency. I also write this review to help travelers not get baited by this travel agency because many people are still asking me about it.

We don't recommend Lucky Pick Travel and Tours for us. Very unscrupulous and unprofessional in terms of business engagement and customer service. I just hope it isn't too late for you. Hope that helps. Thank you for reading!


An informat who wants to remain anonymous chatted me on facebook and said "Kindly refer all complaints against Lucky Pick Travel and Tours Inc to NBI, Anti-Organized and Transnational Crime Division (AOTCD), NBI, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila or Call (02) 523-3265. Look for Agent Excalibur. A case for Swindling/Estafa has already been filed in June 2019 and a Warrant of Arrest is coming against the owner of Lucky Pick Travel and Tours." Hope this help guys. 


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