10 Ways How To Increase Your Height Naturally | How to Grow Taller

Sometimes it really sucks when you’re stout and small, especially when you wanted to be a stewardess, an army, a model, etc. that needs height in order for you to qualify on their qualifications. It also feels bad because you need to look up when you are talking to taller people and sometimes you look like you’re a teenager whenever you are with a bunch of tall people. It decreases self-esteem and sometimes often leads to anxiety and depression if mismanaged. 

10 Possible Ways to Grow or Look Taller
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With girls it is quite okay, but if you are a boy's height really matters. It increases self-worth and confidence to boys since they feel more powerful and bigger than other people. It is also one of the best assets if you are a tall guy for girls loves it. But what will you do if you are not blessed with tallness? Will you falter?
Nowadays, there are lots of advertisements that introduce new ways to grow or look taller in order for you to adapt and solve this problem? Some are really effective and some are not much, but either way, it helps man desire to have a height that they do really want.

Below are some of the ways for you to grow or look taller. These are based on my research, experiences, surveys from my colleagues and information’s that I have gathered from forums.   

#1. Take Supplements – It would be a great help if you will take growth supplements/pills to boost your metabolism and growth rate. Some of these growth supplements are Cherifer, Gloxi, etc. Take this supplement every night before you go to sleep. And don’t expect results within a week for it takes months or years. Mostly this supplement contains zinc, calcium, vitamin D, etc. Having zinc deficiency leads to stunted growth. This supplement will aid your micro deficiencies. 

#2. Eat dairy products – According to some surveys, the tallest people in the world that were measured by country are the Dutch. And in the Netherlands, the average height for an adult is 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m. Most of their food comes from dairy products which contain lots of calcium, vitamin D, and protein, which is a great factor for growth.

#3. Urban lifestyle – Statistically, most of the urban dwellers are much taller than rural dwellers. Some researchers say that it’s because of the lifestyle in the city, though it has plenty of contradictions in terms of a healthy lifestyle for rural areas are much cleaner and peaceful. But if you are vigilant enough, you will notice that urban dwellers seem to be taller than rural dwellers. Try it by yourself!

#4. Have positive mindsets – When you are taking supplements and doing something to be taller you must have a positive mindset for it boosts your self-confidence and faith. For when you are pessimistic while doing something to be taller it will surely affect your rhythm and outlook in life. Remember, you must be healthy not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

#5. Wear shoe lifter/heels and fit clothes According to some scientist when you already passed your puberty stage, it’s the end of one’s personal growth. But you should not lose your hope for, there are some ways for you to look taller. One of the best things to do is to wear shoe lifter and fit clothing’s (boys). Wearing too loose clothes makes you look small so avoid wearing loose clothing. If you are a girl it is advised to wear high heels to increase your stature.

#6. Stretch your body habitually – Exercise has a gargantuan factor in one’s growth. So it would be helpful if you will do some stretching every morning to stretch your muscles and increase its width. It would be nice if you look at some stretching video lessons or a personal coach that will guide you the right ways and positions on how to do an exercise in order to grow taller. There are lots of tutorials on the web and you can so do aerobic exercise like skipping and running – focus on building your muscles.

#7. Drink milk – Drinking milk 2-3 glasses a day makes your bones and teeth stronger and helps rebuild muscles. It contains 16 nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamin D, etc. that is essential for one's growth. It makes skin glow and looks younger just like Cleopatra took milk baths to help her skin stay soft and supple.

#8. Get plenty of sleep – A lot of growth happens during sleep so depriving your sleep hours will slow down your growth. According to Sleep Foundation, teenagers need 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep while adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. So if you really wanted to grow taller, especially you are at the stage of puberty now sleep early and have enough sleep to harness your growth potential.

#9. Observe proper posture – Chest out and sit straight; have the proper posture in sitting and standing for it affects your stature too. Avoid hunching your back and always spread out your shoulders slightly towards the back for you to look taller.

#10. Ask a medical professionalIf you really get into it and you really wanted to grow taller, ask for a medical professional who can guide you and instruct you what to do. Ask some of the ways on how to grow taller and for sure he will recommend some of the best and proven ways to grow taller.

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