Gloxi Height Enhancer Q & A: Legit or Scam (Answered!)

I have received hundreds of questions and direct messages online especially on facebook if this miracle supplement is really legitimate. Some of you are still fascinated about the "too good to be true" advertisement on televisions. And also the super expensive prize of Gloxi which you need to manage for you to do their recommended dosage and intake.

Because of this, I decided to put together all of your commonly asked questions to give you insights into this product. Even me, I am still hysterical about the ads they broadcast online and on the media, which give a short person a huge increase in height in a short span of time.

Gloxi Height Enhancer Q & A: Legit or Scam (Answered!)
Gloxi Height Enhancer Q & A
Some of you might have read my previous blogs about Gloxi and tried to look for me on my social media account, which is very kind and well-appreciated just to CONFIRM if I am really telling the truth or just bluffing hundreds of aspirants to grow taller. 

If you haven't read it. here is the link:

Gloxi Height enhancer Review: After taking Gloxi for 4 Months - This is about my experience in taking the big step in trying this fascinating growth supplement. You will also notice that a lot of people have commented on the post. You can try scrolling and reading comments to gain insightful conversation and ideas.

Let's get the main agenda. I will quote some of the helpful questions on my blog's followers to answer your questions about this Gloxi Height Enhancer.

Gloxi Height Enhancer Q & A: Legit or Scam (Answered!)
Gloxi Height Enhancer Instructions

#1 Are you being paid to advertise Gloxi?

Answer: No, I haven't received any products nor money as compensation to write the blog. And if I'm a promoter of this Gloxi, I'd have been able to continue taking the supplement because it's expensive.

#2 How old are you when you start this health drink?

Answer: At that time, I was 24 years old. As the customer representative has told me since I contacted them, you can start taking Gloxi at the age of 10 years until 35 years old.

#3 Can I still take Gloxi even I'm working nightshift?

Answer: Yes, as long as you compensate for the hours of sleep, the minimum sleep is 8 hours.

#4 How much is a Gloxi box?

Answer: It'll cost you Php. 2980.00 30 vials per box. You can check Lazada or Shopee, however. They also sell Gloxi products at a discounted price if they have promotions.

#5 What's the recommended intake per day?

Answer: It is recommended to take 2 vials a day for maximum results. It should take 30 minutes after a meal. At my end, I drink my health drink every morning and evening.

#6 Does your feet/arm size gets along with the growth? 

Answer: Yes, my legs are usually the one that gets longer.

#7 Can I still hit the gym and lift heavy weights?

Answer: No, it is not allowed to lift heavily if you take the supplement, because it will suppress its effectiveness. And it's also trying to elongate and stretch your body.

#8 Does the result goes back if I stopped taking GLOXI?

Answer: No, it's permanent.

#9 I don't feel pain, does that mean it's isn't effective on me?

Answer: You should be able to feel pain during the time you take Gloxi, but if it doesn't cause sensual pain on your end, perhaps the supplement isn't for you.

#10 Any recommended exercises while taking Gloxi?

Answer: When I was taking the health drink, I usually do some jogging, stretching and strength training exercises like leg raise which improves abdominal muscles. 

#11 I'm worried, could it cause illness or complications?

Answer: If you are a type of person with allergies to some medicine, I would recommend that you consult a physician. In my personal experience, the side effects are a painful feeling on my legs as if it will break, which is the main reason why they have Gloxi Cream to stabilize the pain.

#12 What if I stopped it, can I  lift heavy-weights again?

Answer: Yes, just like what I have told you. The outcome is permanent. 

#13 Which food should I eat?

Answer: You should eat green leafy veggies and fruit. Get plenty of water and calcium-rich drinks like chuckie, birch milk, fresh milk, etc. Fatty foods should also be avoided. When I took Gloxi, I often eat fish, beef and more vegetables.

#14 Will a month of Gloxi increase my height?

Answer: The recommended intake should be at least 6 months or more. For my part, I gained an inch after taking it for two months. The dilemma here is that you are the only one who can answer your question if it gives you results within that time frame.

 #15 What is your daily routine while taking Gloxi?

Answer: Usually I have 7 - 8 hours of sleep. I wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning, stretch and jog a bit. When I'm at work, I choose the stairs and in the evening, after taking Gloxi, I do leg raise (3 sets * 30 reps) before I sleep. I don't overeat too much, too.

#16 I work abroad, where should I buy Gloxi?

Answer: I know somebody, and he chatted to me that he's working in Singapore. I recommended that he buy it online, you can buy at LAZADA PH where I purchased mine. You can read this blog too: Where to buy Gloxi height enhancer?

#17 Can I still do s*x or masterb*te?

Answer: Yeah, it's normal. As long as you don't do it too much, it's all right, s*x is a form of cardio exercise.

#18 Should I use cream even it doesn't hurt?

Answer: Yes, never skip a night without using a cream, that's actually my observation. It increases the efficiency of the product.

#19 How many inches have you gained from taking Gloxi?

Answer: I gained 1.5 inches for 4 months. And I've spent Php. + 23,000 for it!!!!

#20 Can I drink alcoholic/caffeinated beverages?

Answer: A big NO! I have this one friend whom I influenced to take Gloxi because he sees the result at my end that I get taller, but he still drinks liquor, which is no - no.

#21 Can I smoke?

Answer: No smoking and unhealthy habits.

#22 Will you recommend this? 

Answer: Price wise - this is no. But since I'm desperate, I still tried to have peace of mind and avoid regrets. Still, if you're going to go for it, your call.

#23 Is it a scam?

Answer: No, it's a supplement that helps you gain a few inches just like Cherifer. You can read my blog about Cherifer PGM here: Cherifer PGM w/ Zinc Review

Gloxi Height Enhancer Q & A: Legit or Scam (Answered!)
Gloxi height enhancer (Cream Sample/Box)

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Personal Tips:

Remember always friends that you should have a healthy lifestyle, that means you are emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Please also be advised that this blog is only a guide for you guys. It doesn't mean that everybody will have the same effect. Try it at your own expense.

I hope I've answered some of your questions. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. 


  1. my don is taking up gloxi,why he always have a headache.he always fell pain on his gead.why?

  2. my son is taking up gloxi but his head is always in pain.he always has a headache since he started taking up the gloxi height enhancer.