DIY Male Rebonding | Shiseido Crystallizing Hair Professional Straightener Cream Review!

I always feel ashamed of my curly hair since when I was in primary school. My bully classmates make fun of it and even my brothers as well. They will sometimes poke me "why I am wearing "pubic hair" on my head" and every time they make fun of me I feel so ugly and less as a person. I am not saying that curly hair is unlikeable but what I am saying is my reference. I wanted to have straight hair just like the other guys in school. As a guy, I want to style my hair easily but with my wavy, fuzzy and curly hair it's hard for me to even put in one direction hairstyle as it has its own way of styling itself which I pretty hated.

When I was in secondary school and hit puberty. The desire of getting my hair fix intensify but since I don't have money to get to a salon and I am also shy inquiring to get my hair rebonded or even relax. I just comb it for many hours just for it to look a bit straighter. And most of the time I just wear a cap for me to hide my fuzzy unstyled hair. Basically, this scenario continued since tertiary school where I got my graduation picture with a wavy hair which I regretted. I should have done hair straightening in that way I may have gotten a better look on that photo. For desperation, I just photoshopped my hair to look a bit sleek and nicer.

Until I finally decided to have this big step and courage when I was already working to improve myself especially my looks. As of now, you may see me guys as someone with low self-esteem. And I couldn't disagree for I have been a chicken back then when all I need is the courage to change myself to look better.

The thing here is that I am not confident with curly hair, I didn't say having curly hair is bad well some people smashed looks and pretty damn good of wearing it but for me, I am not a fan. That's when I decided to search how hair rebonding works. Then I stumbled on one website saying "DIY HAIR REBONDING" and I realize I can do it at home.

Well, hair rebonds at Hair Salon cost a lot of money and I can save more when I do it on my own. All I need is to study and research first and follow correctly the instructions of doing hair straightening procedures. And as a guy with short hair, most of the Hair Salon don't accept hair rebonding because it's short. So I decided to do it on my own.

Currently, I am working here in Singapore and since hair relax/rebond will cost me S$69.00 I decided to just buy hair rebonding kit and do it myself. So in this blog, I will be reviewing this Shiseido Crystallizing Hair Professional Straightener Cream.

I ordered this set at LAZADA SG and its very economical at a reasonable price for only S$29.90 and comes with three essential kits. And don't worry the product is authentic! This model is H1 Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Rebonding Pack which is suitable for someone with healthy and coarse hair.  


  • 1 Crystallizing Straight Straightener Cream
  • 1 Crystallizing Straight Neutralizing Cream
  • 1 Treatment Mask
  • 1 Comb + Brush
  • 1 Plastic Container

After receiving the product. I immediately tried using it and the result is astonishing. It really works and the seller is too nice to give mini instruction manual for me to use it properly. Here is how you do you DIY rebonding with this pack. Instruction provided and credit to KaraLove Shopee SG 

Part I: Pre-Assessment

1. Assess your hair-type before proceeding. People with thin brittle hair, hair loss, bleach brittle hair are not suitable for this treatment.
2. This is a chemical treatment to soften your hair strand to achieve straightness. This is not a "hair treatment mask" to help repair dry/chemical-damaged hair. Assess your hair again to see if you need a chemical softening treatment or just a simple hair treatment repair/tame your hair (for hair mask it is recommended to use milk keratin/silky enzyme.)

Part II: Allergic Test & Preparation

1. First time user, please proceed with an allergic test by testing cream #1 on a small section of your hair for 15 minutes. Hair turning frizzy, curly or brittle is a sign of allergic reactions - meaning your hair is not reacting well to the softening chemical. Please stop the treatment immediately and seek professional advice. 
2. Before straightening, it is not necessary to wash your hair as some natural hair oil can act as protection. However, if you have very oily hair, you can shampoo first. 

Part III: Applying Cream

1. Apply cream 1 only on dry hair and cool scalp. Apply layer by layer systematically. Essentially, you only need to cover about 3/4-4/5 of your hair length and avoid hair roots.
2. Don't apply the cream on the scalp. Avoid the scalp and root area
3. Apply sufficient cream to cover all hair strands evenly 
4. Do not over apply because excess cream easily spills scalp and remember not to use a product as a shampoo.
5. If you have a lot of hair, apply fast so that all hair receive the same treatment time. Always start from the ara that is most curly usually middle section and works downwards.
6. For very long hair, its always good to have someone to help you with the cream application  

Cream #1 applied for 40 minutes
Part IV: Perfect Treatment Time

1. Leave cream 1 on your hair for 15-40 minutes. Adjust leave-on timing based on your hair condition.
2. Comb through your hair once every 5-10 minutes
3. To know the perfect time to wash off, lift a few strands of your hair to feel. When the inner structure of your strands feel soft, straight and can lengthen a little when pulled, its the perfect time to wash off. 
4. For damaged hair (15 mins), normal healthy hair (25 mins), coarse and stubborn hair (40 mins).
5. For coarse and stubborn hair you can use a hairdryer to apply heat to speed up the softening process.

Part V: After Cream #1

1. Wash off cream #1 under running water for at least 5 minutes. Make sure you rinse the cream off completely (shampoo not required).
2. Towel dry hair then use a hairdryer to blow your hair. During blow dry, use a comb to keep combing straight.  After the blow-dry, you can choose to use a hair straightener. This will be a salon rebonding method (hard rebonding) and will result in your hair looking flat and straight.
3. By skipping the usee of a hair straightener, you will be doing a soft rebonding. Your hair will still be straight but it will retain more volume and look more natural. 
4. We recommend soft rebonding as this is an easier method and the end result will look nicer with more natural volume. 

Straightener warning: Use of straightener requires experience as it is very easy to burn and damaged your hair. Use straightener only on fully dry hair. For DIY users, use a ceramic one with the temperature set between 170  -210 degrees but for damaged or fine hair please set lower temp. Pull through your hair thin layer by layer with each contact point, not more than 2 secs.

Part VI: Cream #2 Neutralizer

1. After the blow dry/straightening, apply neutralizer #2 onto your hair. eave on for 10-15 minutes. Comb straight once every 5 minutes.
2. Wash off neutralizer under running water. Use shampoo but focus only on your scalp and do not shampoo your hair. After this, proceed with the hair treatment mask.
3. After treatment mask, rinse and towel dry As finishing step, blow dry your hair and at the meantime continue to comb straight. This last step will set your hair straight.

Cream #2 Neutralizer Applied for 15 minutes
Part VII: After Treatment Mask

1. You should not tie, pin or wash your hair for next 2-3 days so as to maintain the straightness
2. To help your hair, it's definitely recommended using some form of treatment oil and treatment mask.

After following all the instruction manual. Here is my hair result for using this hair rebinding kit. 

Applied treatment mask and the result is so nice!

I am completely satisfied with the result of this product. That's why after using it, I decided to immediately write a review about it and share it how amazing this Shiseido Professional Hair Straightener Cream.

Now, I can literally finger comb my hair without a hassle with its sleek result. This is why for me, having a straight hair boost confidence and self-esteem. Thanks for reading!


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