Hey, did you stumble on this blog trying to find out if MCO VISA CARD is worth to get or maybe you just want to double confirm if the said company who allows users to use their cryptocurrency assets in real life and be able to withdraw on ATM machines? Well, you are in the right place. In this blog, I will be sharing with you how I got my own MCO VISA CARD and what I like about it.

So let's start by knowing the company's whereabouts. is a pioneering payment and cryptocurrency company that aims to expedite the world's transition to cryptocurrency. These goals by the company are revolutionary that its portfolio of consumer products such as wallet and card app, MCO VISA CARD, crypto invest, chain, and crypto credit. They have their application that allows users to buy & sell and pay cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), and MCO and CRO tokens. 

I literally discovered this company while I was on a bus looking at the passing cars and taxis. I saw one of their advertisement posters and got curious about them since I am already investing in cryptocurrencies. Luckily, I am currently working in Singapore which they are available since they haven't opened yet in the Philippines. Right now, residents in the US, Europe, and some Asian countries can use their services but on their website, there are 100,000+ people around the world who have put interested and sign up in advance for card reservations which is crazy!

Right after I saw their ad, I immediately search and sign up. Then I verified my identity using my work visa here in Singapore and after a few days of verification, my account got approved. I tried to put money inside using my DBS bank but currently, my bank doesn't allow deposits and transfers for which is a bit lame. So every time I want to deposit money, I need to do a EURO BANK TRANSFER using IBAN which you can get on your account.

I waited for a week for me to receive my card and it feels so GOOD and I was ecstatic to use it. Actually, I am more willing to invest my money in them rather than putting it in my local bank which only gains low interest per month. The probability of doubling your money using crypto assets is huge! Here is a video of my unboxing:


The first card I got was the free one since I was just testing if it's really legitimate and if I will really get a card for FREE and it was totally real. I received the card after a week. This FREE MCO VISA is the Midnight Blue card which you will get 1% cashback with no fee, $200 ATM limit withdrawal each month (2% thereafter). This MCO Midnight blue card is made up of PVC plastic but it's already okay though after a few weeks I decided to upgrade to RUBY CARD which is a metallic card with better perks. You can check the card difference here:


What I also really love about is its rewards and benefits for using the card. If you are SPOTIFY and NETFLIX well you'll really get crazy for their 100% cashback monthly subscription. The card is also very helpful if you are a traveler who books flights and hotels for your travels because they offer rebates and cashback! See details below:


Another is that recently, they offer this referral program wherein if you invite someone you two will get a $50 sign-up bonus. And this bonus can only be claimed if someone referred you to the account. So if you are planning to join this revolutionary MCO VISA CARD, use my referral link and we both get $50 USD 🙂

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Here is a video of how you will register and join 


Anyways, I hope I was able to help you with your hesitation and you'll be able to decide whether you'll go for your investment under If you have some questions, feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading!

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