Cherifer PGM w/ Zinc Growth Enhancer Review: Effective or Not?

All my teenage years I've been wishing to grow taller since I'm quite small than my peers. I used to dream to be a model and someone that looks like famous personality online but because of short stature, everything seems to be impossible for me. Well, I'm not that short (Height: 5'5 Feet : Weight: 60 kgs) but it still affects my confidence.
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I started taking Cherifer PGM for Adult when I was in 2nd-year in college at the age of 21 years old since I don't have money to buy this supplement when I was in high school. Actually, when I was in elementary I was one of the tallest kids in class. I used to play much (soccer, running, jumping etc) all Pinoy games but when I got in high school I focused on studies and stop playing outside much and sleep late at night because of doing homework and I was school officer that time too. We don't have money as well to buy milk or any dairy products so we are used to drinking coffee or milo which seems to have an effect too. I've become an indoor person with less physical activities.

Anyways, that's an overview of my life activity which I do think affected my growth. So I decided to save money on my school budget. I took Cherifer PGM for Adult for almost 6 months straight and unluckily there was no result at all. I only got fat/ chubby. But I did continue taking it until after one year I gained an inch which made me 5'5 in height at that time but got no luck until I decided to stop.

I still remember when one of my elementary classmates was shorter than me and I heard that his father buy him Cherifer to grow taller, after graduating to Elementary I saw him much taller and his looks improve as well and his confidence.

I guess its just a matter if your body will respond to it well or by genes but its really hard when you are already done with your puberty and you are taking this supplement because it won't help at all.


Height: 5'4 (Before) | 5'5 (After)
Age: 21-23 years old.
Cherifer PGM for Adult on my own opinion is not that effective. I become fatter and oftentimes it makes me feel sleepy. But after graduating from college and got my job, I tried this very intriguing height enhancer: Gloxi Height Enhancer. Take a look at my next journey for growth by reading my blog about it: Gloxi Height Enhancer Review

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I haven't received any kind of compensation to review this Gloxi Height Enhancer. This is simply my personal opinion and experience taking this growth supplement.

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