10+ Best Places in Singapore To Do Budget-Shopping for Tourist

Alright, first of all, welcome to Singapore - one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. It is an island state which is a country and at the same time city in Southeast Asia. Singapore is considered a first world country and is well known for its gorgeous tourist spots. As a matter of fact, tourism is the main contributor and major industry that contributes to the Singaporean economy. Based on the latest statistic that was released to the public, last 2017 Singapore tourism has attracted 17.4 million international tourists which is more than 3 times of its total population which is only 5.876,527 as of August 13, 2019.

10+ Best Places in Singapore To Do Budget-Shopping for Tourist

But we cannot deny the fact that as a first world country, the cost of living is also expensive. Based on the Cost of Living Index 2019 Mid-Year out of 377 cities in the world, Singapore is the 37th most expensive place to live in this year. Anyways, in this blog, I will be sharing to you some of my personal picks when you want to do budget-shopping here in Singapore. 

As a foreign worker, it's pretty hard to adapt to the social pace of this country. As someone who is from a developing country, the money conversion is quite expensive to start life here but after few months I realized that it's not even expensive if you are working here as professional or skilled workers, all you have to do is to know the best places to cheap buy goods and things as tourist. You also need to know where to go when you need to buy basic commodities and food to be able to save more money. So let's start!



This store is the best place to buy super cheap stuff like chocolates, household commodities like soap, shampoo, and even utensils. This store really deserves to be on the top spot. As a foreigner who is just starting here in Singapore, this is the most budget saver store among all the shops that I'll be mentioning here. They offer a variety of stuff that is truly affordable. So once you arrived here in Singapore and you want to buy basic stuff then find the nearest Value Dollar in your area.

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Eating outside will cost you a lot here in Singapore. Restaurants here will really drain your wallet quickly that's why I recommend visiting a near FairPrice supermarket to buy food to cook, yes you heard me correctly. If you are someone who knows how to cook, it will save you a lot of money especially you can do the cooking in your rented house. FairPrice has 100 supermarkets across Singapore so it's not difficult for you to find a near outlet in your place. They have a variety of selection which you can choose from.

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Let's say you don't have time to cook or you are not allowed to do the cooking in your rented space. Fret not because you can always look for a near Hawker Centre, usually, they are located near MRT stations. This is also one of the to-go-places here in Singapore if you really want to feel the vibe of a multicultural country. You will witness a diverse food selection like Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian food, etc. And the price is very affordable! Usually, beside  Hawker Centre are coffee shops where you can just chill after a busy day.

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This is very near to Changi Airport so as a tourist all you have to do is to ride on MRT towards EXPO and you are there! so easy right? Well, this is the largest convention and exhibition venue which composed of over 100,000 m2 of column-free, indoor space that spread over 10 halls. It's one of the best places to buy cheap electronics and gadgets especially during IT SHOWS that is being done twice a year here in Singapore.



If the Philippines have DIVISORIA where you can buy economical and cheap items then Singapore has its very own version where we can find in BUGIS STREET. When I first visited the place I was literally surprised how affordable the products and services they offer there. If you are a tourist who wants to buy something for friends and family then I recommend you go here. You will save a lot of money!

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IMM Shopping malls are considered as the country's largest outlet mall which has more than 90 outlets stores islandwide. They offer up to 80% discount all year-round. It's an international merchandising mall owned by Capitaland Mall Trust located in Jurong East Singapore. So if you are someone who loves buying branded stuff then you can check it out.

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As a foreign worker here in Singapore who works till 9 P.M in the evening. I don't have much time to go shopping because of most of the shopping malls here close around 10 PM. But don't compare MUSTAFA CENTRE which is one of Singapore's 24-hour shopping malls with a wide selection of products and services. You can also purchase jewelry and electronics here. This retail hub is situated on Syed Alwi Road, the cultural district of Little India within the planning area of Kallang. 

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Feeling lucky? Well, you can visit LUCKY PLAZA which is situated in Orchard which is nearby Orchard Central considered as the tallest vertical mall in Singapore. Lucky Plaza has a wide variety of stores selling electronics, shoes, sports goods, perfume, and cosmetics. You can also visit its food court after shopping in its basement. It caters food joints like Mcdonald's, Jollibee (famous Filipino food chain). Pizza Hut and many more. It's located in 304 Orchard RD Singapore 238863.

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Hey, maybe you are looking for something refreshing? You can visit FAR EAST PLAZA which is a shopping center with more than 600 shops that offers hair salon services, products for young & trendy fashion, party costumes or perhaps you wanted to try different cuisines like Korean, Japanese and Halal Street food in Scott Road. Its located in the heart of Orchard Road shopping belt.

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If you are near Paya Lebar MRT Station, then you might try visiting CITY PLAZA since it's only a 5-10 minutes walk. It's a place to buy wholesale cheap clothes, electronics, and household ornaments. I once visited the place, it's not that big shopping centre. It's a 5-floor building and beside it is a park where people usually do picnics every weekend. 

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Let's be honest, branded stuff are usually high-quality and that is why some prefer to spend a bit more for branded fashion. If that is your case then I recommend you go to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre which is the home to many factory outlet stores which is why their prices are extremely affordable! 

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