Getting Your Website to the Top Google Search Ranking

Do you want to "improve your site performance" based on its traffic and monetization? Then you will probably need these steps and techniques to enhance your website rank on search engines and ranking websites. I myself can prove to you that this really works since I have been doing this for almost months and it really works.
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As a blogger, having a website with blogs that appear on the first page of the search engine is a great blessing for it will surely yield adequate traffic to increase the site ranking and at the same time elevate the site earnings especially when you are using "GoogleAdsense to monetize your blogs"

These steps will also improve site engagement and will widen readership.

Ways to Improve Blog Ranking on Search Engines
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Note: The techniques and steps below are based on my experiences and researches about my blogging trek. Please do remember that consistency and persistence will make this thing work, the earlier you start the better the results.

1. Proofread what you have written – Obviously, your blogs must have the proper usage of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. You do not need to be so intelligent to create reliable and helpful blogs; what is important is you know the basic rules in writing. You can use Ginger as a proofreader to correct grammatical mistakes or let your friends read it before posting.

2. Categorized it rightly – For SEO purposes, you need to put every blog on its proper designation. Do not insert too many labels on it (one or two is enough), be concise and be appropriate in labeling each blog for it will greatly affect your searches. You can use Google Adwords to know the right keywords and titles of your blogs; it will show you possible keywords that are highly searched on search engines.

3. Insert appropriate photos/videos – Do you know that photo SEO is one of the best ways to increase your traffic? All you need to do is to edit the photo properties and write the appropriate TITLE TEXT and ALT TEXT. In this way, the image will be indexed on search engines which will eventually add traffic to your site. Adding videos is also essential to increase reliable information and facts on your blog post.

4. Add sources and facts – Always remember to insert citations for photos and references on your sources to avoid plagiarism and troubles. It will add significantly to your blogs and at the same time increase its dependability.

5. Ping it on pinging sites – Do you know that pinging your latest blogs is just like waving a banner saying “Hey, I have a new blog post” on search engines. This is also a way to get it indexed on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex etc. You can use Ping-O-Matic and Feed Shark.

6. Index it to search engines – In case you did not know, in order for your website to be crawled and ranked by search engines is you need to submit your site on webmaster tools. All you need to do is manually create your sitemap and submit your site on Google, Bing and Yandex webmaster tool.

7. Share it to social media sitesAfter pinging and indexing your blogs, the next thing to do is to share and advertise it on social media site which will widen its reach and increase its readership. Be sure to promote it on famous social media site like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 

8. Make backlinking – After sharing it to social media sites, you can also make some backlinking by answering some yahoo questions, commenting on other blogs and build partnerships with other bloggers where you can create camaraderie and unity. You can also do some guest posting, which is the most common way of backlinking your site on sites which have higher ranks.

9. Connect with your readers – After making some backlinking and promotion, eventually your blogs will gain comments and that is the right time to communicate and connect with them. Try to insert rating widgets to know your reader’s expressions about the blog.

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