10 Useful Widgets for Websites to Boost Traffic

As a blogger for almost a year, I have gained and learned that having good quality post is not just enough in order to have a successful blog. As an erudite blogger, you must be familiar with all the parts and functions of your blog as you will need it for easy editing, customizing and strolling inside your blog(s).

A blog with responsive and friendly user-interface really helps engagement and readership. It skyrockets views and at the same time increase your blog reach. It also adds attractiveness to encourage users to browse and stroll on your blog. Widgets are commonly in the form of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) which is easy to edit.

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash
Below are some of the useful and helpful widgets that I do think will boost and help your site performance and activity (engagements):

Live Traffic statistics
– this is a very interesting and helpful widget to your blog for it shows a live statistic of visitors where they came from and how long they have stayed on your blog. You can get this widget on AliveStats

2Featured post slider – this widget has many forms and types which you can choose and customize though it is quite tiresome in editing and constructing it because you need to carefully insert the link of the post and image which you wanted to show in the slide. Some templates have already an embedded slider, however, some need to be inserted manually. You can get some designs here: CSS-Tricks

3. Share Buttons – if you want to make your blog viral you need to advertise and share it to social media sites. Good content is not enough to increase blog traffic, you need to find time pinging and sharing it to sharing sites. You can use AddThis and Buffer.

4. Related Post – Most of the templates have embedded related post, but some do not have. If you are searching and looking for this, you might use Linkwithin and Outbrain.

5Reader Counter – this type of widget will show how many readers reading your blog at an actual time. This is basically flattering and helpful enough for you to know how many readers read your blog. You can use Supercounters.

6. Follow Buttons – in order for your readers to keep updated on “what’s new” to your site. You need to follow widgets for them to easily track your latest post. You can use “blogger followers widget” or you can add “follow” button of some famous social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter. You can also use AddThis.

7. Email SubscriptionTo keep in touch personally with your loyal readers, you might as well add email subscription to your blog where you can automatically send your blog update to readers who have subscribed to your feeds.

8. Flag Counter – there are also many forms of this widget. It can be in the form of a globe, a map or a plain and ordinary display that shows how many flags your blogs have garnered from the very first start. You can use Flag counter.

9. Pageview Counter – you can add blogger counter or if you want a more customize counter, you can use these sites to get your own design page view counter. You can get it here: Free Hit Counter

10. Advertisement – obviously, we must put ad widgets if we want to earn from our blogs. Besides from it adds engagement; advertisements are very attractive and lively. You can use Google Adsense or other ad networks.

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