12 Social Media Sites to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

We cannot deny the fact that in this Informational era people are judged based on their knowledge and understanding. But before ancient times, people are known to be powerful and influential if they are strong and wealthy. But today people are not treated like that for in this epoch “knowledge and information” value more.

14 Social Media Sites to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic
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According to Karl Marx, a world-renowned psychologist; people are treated as a case of cases. It states that people in the information era are treated as numbers; they are not known by their names and are equal to numbers. Like for example, on the internet we are known as an IP address and that IP address is our identities in the alternative reality or virtual world.

Social media sites are websites that allow people to share interesting things around the world. These are sites that will help you increase your blog traffic and at the same time broadens your blog readership. These social media sites have millions of users’ every day and link thousands of article are served and share with their readers/users.

1. Facebook Everybody knows this social media site for this is the second top most visited sites in the world based on Alexa global rank. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with almost 2 billion users around the world.

2. TwitterTweet you daily thought and share it with your followers. This social media site had been on the top 10 social media sites around the world. Helps you know what’s hot and what’s on trend.

3. YouTubePlenty of artist/singers/educators have been given the chance to be in the spotlight of fame because of this video sharing site. Why not make a video and embed your blogs related to it for sure it will drive more subscribers in your channel and at the same time a surefire to boost traffic to your blog.

4. HubpagesThis is actually a social blogging site, but I have heard some rumors that they will be converting it to be more likely a social media site. I am getting good traffics here by backlinking my blogs on my trendy hubs. Dare to try?

5. Bloglovin’ A website where you can embed your blogs, follow blogs and get updated by their latest blog activity. This site will surely be one of the best sources of traffic if you have a legion of followers who view your updates every day.

6. Digg I am not a fan of this social media site since I have never seen any traffic coming from them, but I am still submitting some of my blogs to them.

7. InstagramOne of the most popular photos sharing sites in the world. Try putting links on your Infographics and for sure, your followers will have an interest in clicking the links in your photo description.

8. TriberrWho among you know this site? Some bloggers are actively sharing their blogs here and they were saying they are getting plenty of traffic every day. All you need to do is to have good numbers of followers and make sure you are sharing quality blogs for effectivity.

9. LinkedInIt is a social site with 225 million members that allows you to manage your personal and professional identity. It helps you build your professional network for you to get engaged with several companies and businesses around the world. It allows members to gain more knowledge, information, insights and even new opportunities.

10. MixIt is a social site that helps you find cool and interesting websites, photos’, videos (action, comedy, tragedy, drama, knowledgeable videos) and images across the Internet. They give the best recommendations of the sites and things that interest you more. But lately, the site has disabled and prohibits bubbles to submit links from their site and this social site seems to be useless among the added social media shares.

11. Reddit It is user-generated news links which allow a user to vote up/down in every link, photos, and articles submitted to them. There is a given interval of submission so you cannot submit links to them chronologically.

12. Pinterest – It is a standard social media sharing site that allows a user to “pin” images, photos, videos and other things on their pinboard (A compilation of related pictures). You will love the site if you love pictures and sceneries. To be successful in this site “repins” matters most.

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