How to Get Google Adsense Approval with Blogger

As a blogger, we all know that Google Adsense is the most effective way of monetizing your blogs. Regardless of its high rates, it has very user-friendly ads which complement on what blog you have. This famous "adnetwork" yields high-income possibilities with varied CPC rates each day depending on every advertiser's bid that is shown on your blogs. However, getting inside is far difficult than earning with them, you need to qualify for their qualifications and requirements. 

As an erudite blogger, I truly believe that experience teaches us more than books in schools. Do you know that I have waited eight (8) months just to get approval from them with multiple disapprovals? But wait, after those frustrating experiences; I bounced back and now, I’ve got my Adsense approved after a long wait.

I do not want to greed on how I’ve gotten approval from them that is why I wanted to share this honest tutorial and at the same time to guide my fellow bloggers who wanted to apply for Google Adsense. If you want to read the full requirements and policy of Google Adsense you need to check it out here: 

Google Adsense Program Policy

So now, let’s start a brief guide before you apply to Google Adsense Program:

#1 Have your blog/site ready – obviously, you can apply to their program if you do not have a blog to monetize. What I mean here is that you need to construct and build your site well and neat to impress and get their interest for you to get approval. In preparation you need the following factors:

(a.) High-quality content
(b.) An adequate number of blogs (15-25) will do.
(c.) Check proper usage of grammar, punctuation marks and sentence structure
(d.) Create pages like contact us, site information, disclaimer, and policies etc.

#2 Proper citations of sources and references – Google Adsense is very strict in terms of originality and reliability. So make sure you have a proper citation of sources and references for a smooth review and quick approval. To be more detailed, below are the things you must consider:

a.) Cite photo sources. Make sure it’s free of copyright issues. You can get photos on public domains such as MorgueFile, Wikimedia Common, Unsplash, and Flickr.

b.) Give credit to your references. If you have included quotation of a person or a fact about something it is advisable to put credits on them to avoid plagiarism.

#3. Wait for the right time to apply – If you are a U.S resident then you are lucky enough that you do not need to wait longer just to apply for them, but if you are in countries outside the United States it is advisable to wait to the given time range of Google Adsense program.

a.) If you are outside the U.S you need to wait 6 months before applying to them which means, your blogs must be almost 6 months old.

b.) If your application got disapproved, then try to reapply again but make sure you have edited your blogs and wait 2-3 weeks before applying again. Patience is a must!

This guide guarantees your approval if you will follow every advice that I have written above but do not be so impatient to get approval from the quicker for it takes time. I repeat it takes time. Just remember that you’ll reap what you have sown so you better plant (write) good and high engaging blogs to create passive traffic in the future.

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