Travel Packing Checklist / Essentials

If you are an adventurous person you probably need to keep these important things before traveling. Don’t spoil your trip just because you forget something that you really needed or the things that you can’t leave without especially if you will be exploring the beauty of the world. Always remember that preparation before a trip is to avoid significant problems that might spoil your enjoyment.

11 Important Things to pack for a trip

Some of these things are not so necessary but I have added it to the list of the important things for I think these things will suffice and add happiness and completeness of your travel. But I will remind you that as much as possible travel light, but if you have a service, then this thing will not be burdened to carry all the time.

We have a different connotation of a trip, how can we enjoy it and how to avoid spoiling it. The important is that you are with your friends and beloved ones to make it a worthwhile journey. Make your travel a memorable one and add it to your memories that you will reminisce when you are already decrepit.

Below are some of the suggested things that you should bring in a trip. Remember that it depends on you whether you will be carrying or bringing these things in your travel. This list is just my recommendation. 

1. Medicine 

I have enlisted this in the first spot for it is very important, especially if you feel dizzy on long travels. This is the main reason why people hate traveling in distant places because they feel dizzy which really spoils their trip. Take Bonamine 1 hour before traveling; this is a popular medicine for dizziness.

     2. Money 

It would be bad if you will just look at souvenirs’ or food you encounter from the places you’ll go to visit just like doing some window shopping in malls. Don’t spoil your trip just because you have limited money to spend for in some cases, it’s once in a lifetime opportunity to taste exotic foods and delicacies in some hidden places of the world that you might not visit again.

     3. Map 

A map of a place that you will be visiting is important since it will be your tour guide for you to wander its beautiful heritage, parks, landmarks, and resorts. It will help you not to be lost on the way and at the same time will show you the best road to embark with.

4. Food 

You do not want to feel avid in the midst of your travel that’s why you need to bring food--ready to eat food for your snack. Some travelers are used to eat while traveling and it is one of the ways to limit sleeping hours and enjoy the view outside the window.

5. Clothes (Jackets, Extra T-shirts, Shorts, underwear) 

If you are on a cruise or outing you do not want to suffer from clothes scarcity, especially you are on a trip to beaches and resorts that needs extra shirts, shorts, and underwears. 

6. Emergency kit

We cannot avoid an unexpected accident that’s why we need to be prepared as much as possible. “Prevention is better than cure”, it is good to be prepared always for unexpected things. You might need flashlights, first aid kit, flare/lighter etc.

7. Gadgets (Cellphone, MP3 Player, Tablet, Camera) 

For more fun and enjoyment you might consider bringing your camera to take pictures of yours in the beautiful places you’ll be visiting as your souvenir and memories. Don’t forget to bring your MP3 player/tablet which you could use to play music while traveling.

8. Hygiene (Shampoo, Soap, Hand Sanitizer etc) 

Being hygienic has been important; never forget to bring Sanitizers for you to disinfect your hands from germs. You can also bring soap if you are on an outing. Detergent soap will be necessary for you to wash plates, utensils, etc. after using it.

9. Watch (Time) 

It is good to be on track always worth the time for you not to lack time because of over-staying. Always wear a watch on your wrist in order for you to keep updated and to avoid skips on some places that you are intending to visit. Time is gold when it comes to traveling.

10. Service (Van, Car, Bus) 

It would be better if you have your own service to harness time and at the same time space for your baggage’s.  Having your own family service will also give more opportunity to more seats, and would give chance to others who want to get along with.

11. Books

Reading books, magazines, comics while traveling will keep you awake. It is also a means of entertainment if you are already bored. You can also use your tablet to download/read eBooks on the net. In this way, the weights of the things that you’ll be bringing will be lessened.

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