Top 10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail Nowadays

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
Love is unconditional. 
Love is a sacrifice. 
Love is fair.
Love is blind.
Love is unselfish. 
Love is holy.
Love is a game?

Whatever the definition of love to you what is important is that you follow what your heart yearns for doing what your mind tells you will never make you happy. Love is something that is not learned for it is felt. It makes the world happy and with love, everything is at peace.

But what if the flame of love started to dim is there any way to lit it once more? Sometimes we thought that it is forever and sometimes we thought that he/she is the one, but some relationship is not meant to be forever. When we’re hurt, we started to realize and make ourselves believe that there is no forever—that everything on this earth has an end.

"Loving someone more than to our self is true love, but giving all that we have is called suicide". 

And this is one of the fallacies about love, for in loving a person we need to love first our self before we share it with others. We need to put reservations; we do not need to share all our secrets or the things we have to the person we love. Love is not about giving your half heart to the person you love; for what if he/she is gone, will you be happy again and be complete? Love is about sharing hearts, not giving hearts.

When you are in a relationship; courtship is the most important thing that must not be missed. Why? Because love is an endless courtship in order not to keep the flames of love burning.

Note: The information below is based on my surveys, researches, and experiences. I have gathered and chosen the top 10 most common reasons why some relationship does not last.

#1 Lack of Trust 

In a relationship, the most important thing to keep it moving is to have trust in your partner. Since both of you have already gained the trust and is already in an exclusive relationship, both of you must learn to trust like a child to his parents. Never break that trust for it is like a mirror, you can fix it when it’s broken, but the crack of its reflection remains.

#2 Temptation 

The root of all evil and the worst case of a broken relationship, but we can avoid it. The temptation is everywhere, but if we have this Christian faith and lifestyle, this can be controlled and eliminated. One of the most common temptations and the problem is lust and covet.

#3 Cheating 

This happens when your partner started to fling with somebody else for he/she doesn’t feel contented of you. He begins to break rules, deceive you and become unfaithful to his actions and words.

#4 Problems with Parents 

Just like in the movie Titanic, the mother of rose has been against Jack's love for her daughter that’s why they needed to fight their love but it ended tragically. In some relationship, parents become antagonistic and become the reasons why a relationship doesn’t last.

#5 Broken Promises

They say promises are meant to be broken, but if the person is sincere about what he had promised, then he will do everything just to comply with it. But some are really deceiving and tricky; they let other people wait for nothing.

#6 Infertility 

The main goal of parenting is to raise and build a family, but some couples are unfortunate enough for one of them is sterile or incapable of conceiving offspring, but today, science and technology had made new ways to combat this problem like test-tube babies, artificial insemination and etc. Some couples can adopt if they really wanted to have children but some really wanted to have their own babies as blood is thicker than water. 

#7 Expectations

One of the worst feelings is expecting too much of it leads to frustrations and disappointments. Couples with high expectation to their partners often end up hurting their selves and as a result, their relationship and get tested is broken when mismanaging and uncontrolled.

#8 Lying

It is saying something that is untrue in a conscious effort just to deceive your partner. It is related to cheating, but most of the time lying is most on speaking something that is not true. 

#9 Unspoken words

Some are afraid of showing and speaking love to their partners. They are ashamed of showing what they really feel that causes misunderstanding and coldness to the relationship. 

#10. Fall out of love 

There will be a point when we fall out of love; some relationship which is already 3-5 years above might end up nothing because they lost the love to their partner. And the main reason why it happens is it because the guy had to stop courting the girl or maybe they are not meant for each other.

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