Sucker Punch (2011) Review - Emily Browning

This movie is all about a girl named Lady Doll (Emily Browning) who had been institutionalized and sent to a mental hospital by his abusive stepfather. 
Photo Credit via Google (Sucker Punch Movie)
The story began with a thunderous stormy night when his stepfather tries to abuse her sister but her sister tries to escape and by trying to save her sister from his abusive stepfather he shoot his stepfather and unfortunately the bullet accidentally directed to her little sister and because of fear she drop the gun and run away and get petrified by her fear, the sheriff arrested her and accused her for killing her sister without knowing that it was his stepfather’s fault. 

She was sent at the Lennox house of mental insanity; in that place, there are lots of innocent girls incarcerated not just by doing the crime but by some discriminatory people who let them stick in that hellish place. By retreating to an alternative reality as a solving strategy, she envisions and planned a way which will help her and her friends escape from the mental facility which is not justifiable enough.

The story was a mixture of reality and fantasy; she organized a plan for which they can get the tools for their escape; a map, lighter, knife, key and the last tool which they will discover in their battle. The movie was an exaggeration but truly cool and attractive to watch. 

In the midst of their fight to freedom, some of her allies sacrifice their lives in order to succeed with their plan a sense of sorority which ignites them to fight for one goal and that is to escape from that mental facility. In the end, they were only two who left to survive but at the brink of the facility where the main gate was, a cap was guarding so she sacrifices her freedom to her friend and decided to stay and let Jena Malone as a rocket to escape. 

As her last words to her “My story ends here, but your story starts here, have a safe escape and have the freedom as you wanted to be”. Then at the last scene, Emily was put in a laboratory for a brain surgery that affects her thinking and behavior. But she was happy enough that she put the limits against reality and imaginary journey.

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