The Hows of Us Review - Kathniel Movie 2018

The movie is full of love, forgiveness and a new beginning. It brings you the idea of giving yourself a chance to be happy for the second time around with the same person.
The Hows of Us via Star Cinema

The movie “Hows of Us” is a typical Filipino drama movie that basically delivers a message that anyone could easily relate to. It’s not that type of hard drama but the attack or the flow of the story will definitely give you something after the movie.
Like the other love story, the movie started with sweetness and romantic rides. Full of love and hope before it turns to another level that will test the love and patience of the person.

To be honest, I am not a fan of Filipino movies and I seldom watch them in movie houses. But with all the reviews I have read and I all the drives I acquired from what from it, I ended by giving myself a try to watch the movie.

The two main characters of the movie which is Kath and Daniel play different roles in the movie. Maturity and roles are being portraited the way it supposed to be. Both protagonists gave their best but on this movie, I will give extra credit to Kath.she is so damn good in this movie.

The movie is an ordinary story of two persons fall in love with each other and broke hearts for the sake of dreams in life.

The message of the movie was artistically delivered in the simplest form so anyone could relate. The movie exactly knows how to mingle with your emotions and caress through your skin to feel the romantic and fun moments before dropping the heart-pinching lines that could easily tear your feelings out. A roller coaster of emotions.

The movie talks mainly about love and patience. That if you love the person you are willing to take the risk and be patient even on the saddest and hardest part of the relationship. It also discusses fighting for love and winning the war together. Moreover, it entails the lesson that sorry is not meant to utter, it calls for action. It gives us hope to continue living no matter what happens. It will give you the idea that dreams are not always meant to happen the way we want it to happen, It happens in a different good way.

The movie also talks about the family. That the love for each other should always prevail.

Written by: Jay Floresca

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