How to Request a Credit Refund for Undispense Money on an BDO ATM Machine (Quick Guide)

It was July 29, 2018, when the incident happened. I was trying to withdraw my salary on one of the ATM machines that were situated in our company's building. I was trying to withdraw Php. 3,000.00 that time but the ATM machine did not dispense the money. I waited for 30 minutes thinking it was just slow processing my transaction but to my disappointment, the money did not come out on the machine.

I tried to double-check my BDO mobile application and it reflects that it has been already deducted on my balance. I was so scared because it was my first time experiencing the problem with an ATM machine! I waited for at least 20 minutes on that ATM machine wishing that it will eventually dispense my money but I only got frustrated. Here is my receipt that was dispensed by the ATM showing the deducted money, good thing I didn't throw it yet.

After what happened, I immediately reported it to the lady guard on that floor and was able to report it to their head supervisor. I was advised to call BDO Customer Care 631-8000.

I did use our company's landline phone to contact BDO customer care and report the incident. She asks for my birthday, verification questions such as how much I was trying to withdraw, how much is the money inside my card, where did I withdraw the money and so on.

After that, she created a ticket for me and gave me a reference number for me to inquire after 5 business days since they needed to investigate the issue it there was really an error that happened on their end.

So I've waited for 5 days and luckily they are prompt on keeping their deadlines. My money was credited back on my card. This is the message I received: 

"Good PM, Mr. Agudo. This is reply to Case ID #517994156. The undispensed amount of Php. 3,000 has been credited back to your BDO Account last 08/06/2018. Thank you"

So if this happened to you make sure you do these following steps for you to get a refund for ATM malfunction:

#1. Keep the official receipt after the failed ATM transaction as your proof that you're unable to get the money.
#2. Make sure to report it immediately to BDO Customer Care 631-8000 for better handling of the issue.
#3. Call them once a week for updates about your refund request. 

The incident is very stressful especially if you really need the money. The problem with this is that they do not have the detection if money got dispense of not and usually takes a week to get a refund. Although, I am thankful enough that it was resolved it was a hassle for me but I do understand its beyond human control and it happens everyday and anywhere. 

Anyways, I hope I was able to guide you accordingly on how to get your money back. You can also go to any BDO branch to ask for assistance about your issue since they have their customer helpdesk too. If you have questions, feel free to comment down below. 

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