How To Refund BDO ATM Machine That Didn't Dispense Money But Was Deducted On Your Balance

It was July 29, 2018, when the incident happened. I was trying to withdraw my salary on one of the ATM machines that were situated in our company's building. I was trying to withdraw Php. 3,000.00 that time but the ATM machine did not dispense the money. I waited for 30 minutes thinking it was just slow processing my transaction but to my disappointment, the money did not come out on the machine.

I immediately reported it to the lady guard on that floor and was able to report it to their head supervisor. I was advised to call BDO Customer Care 631-8000.

I did use our company's landline phone to contact BDO customer care and report the incident. She asks for my birthday, verification questions such as how much I was trying to withdraw, how much is the money inside my card, where did I withdraw the money and so on.

After that, she created a ticket for me and gave me a reference number for me to inquire after 5 business days since they needed to investigate the issue it there was really an error happened on their end.

So I've waited for 5 days and luckily they are prompt on keeping their deadlines. My money was refunded back on my card. So if this happened to you make sure you do this steps:

1. Keep the receipt after the transaction as your proof
2. Report it immediately to BDO Customer Care 631-8000
3. Call them once in a while for updates about the incident.

So far, it was a hassle for me but it's beyond human control it happens everyday and anywhere since its just a machine. I hope I was able to help you out with your problem too.

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