Why Many People Aspire To Be a Big Brother Housemate?

Now that the Big Brother house is open again for new housemates in the Philippines, there are still others who still want to be part of the country’s biggest and longest running reality show. 
Why Do People Want to be Big Brother Housemate?
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People use Big Brother as a way for them to easily be part of the showbiz industry. Once they become a housemate, it will be one of the shortest possible reasons for how they will catch the attention of the public. Many people now want to follow the footsteps of now big stars in showbiz by way of becoming a housemate.


Whether it be emotional, physical or mental maturity one wants to attain in him/her, experience inside the big brother house is sure to help. Once you are settled in a place where you can possibly show your emotions, your ideas, it will make you respond to things in a more matured way. It will help you make realizations that being in a new world, you have to adapt yourself in the place and the people around you.

Meet New People

Definitely, being in the big brother house, you will be able to meet new people from different places-- people who have different attitudes, different personalities but finding common things behind the differences.

Experience The Big Brother House

Some people want to experience how it feels to be inside the Big Brother house, the ambiance of the place itself, the challenges of Big Brother, to surpass everything the house has to offer them.

To Show Who They Are & What They've Got

Many people say that this is a reality show and they should be able to show what kind of person they are, how they treat others and what they think they can still be. Some aspirants of becoming a housemate want to prove something that shows who they are will mean a lot for them.

For Their Family

Becoming a housemate is the start of something new for everyone and for their family. Some want to give back to their parents and/or to other persons who have been part of their lives in the outside world. Becoming a housemate, will surely open doors for people to reach out to their loved ones by helping them financially, especially those who will win in the show. For others who don’t, there will surely be other opportunities that may be given to them when they’re out of the house already.

To Inspire Others

Inspiring others take it time to happen. But, when you’re inside the Big Brother house, it just comes out simultaneously. Others already have something within them to inspire people. Being a role model- being a diligent person, loving child, a religious one, anything else that we know that this kind of person is someone who can influence others through his/her personality.

Be A Big Winner

Who would want to stay inside the Big Brother house with no goal of becoming a Big Winner? Most people want to, this will only prove that they have done their part, they have shown who they are, they have inspired people and they just deserve what it takes to be a big winner. 

Whatever anyone's reason it is that they want it to be part of Big Brother, it is up to them. Being a Big Brother Winner also depends on them. Yes, it is only up to the general public to see if they really deserve to nail it. Well, it just wouldn't happen if you yourself don't make it in the audition. So, better show why you deserve and that you outstand the others. There's another season waiting for you. 

By: Ken Guardian

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