5 Powerful Social Media Site to Promote Your Business Online

The social media has been widely chosen by many to promote their businesses. And that's a great idea, especially most of the consumers of the products and services are in the social media most of the times. Among all these sites comes the wise choice of individuals what will help them promote their business widely. They just have to choose what will most likely be a big help for them to reach their target market online.

Top 5 Social Media Sites
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Here are top 5 social media sites one can choose to promote his/her business:


This is what I think is the most popular social media site that anyone can choose as a channel for him to promote his business. Most people are likely on this site and this will surely be a big help for businessmen to engage themselves and their business. With billions of users worldwide, Facebook will definitely help your business fly high in the industry. With so many people using Facebook daily, it's advantageous that you use it as a medium for your business to be exposed to. It can also be helpful if you're going to launch a new product line of yours, just make a Facebook page, then start managing it.


With this social media site which is of the same feature that of Facebook, you can let your business be visible worldwide. If you think you can only follow your favorite celebrities using this platform, well many businesses use this too, as a tool for them to share news about their business. Though it's too limited with only 140 characters, it's just enough for you to share ideas about your business. If people will be searching with topics related to your business, that could actually be a start for you to build connections with people around the globe by letting them 'Follow' you. These followers can actually be the potential clients of the business you have.


LinkedIn is a useful online social media site for you to promote your business. Here, many business professionals create a CV of their own and their business which can be of big help to you.  LinkedIn is I think more preferable to use if you are a professional. Most likely, you can have connections with professionals too using your LinkedIn account. You may not be able to have a larger number of individuals with you, unlike Facebook, but you will be able to have networks of people with solid and higher potentials of growing your business.


Maybe some are asking how you'd probably use Pinterest for your business promotion, right? Pinterest is the latest social media site among all others. You've got to understand first how it works so that you'll be able to know how it can actually help you. It is a good way for branding purposes of your business. When you discover how it works, you'll know that the infographics can be of help to you to make connections with people. This can be a very effective way for you to develop the popularity of your business once you knew already how to deal with it.

Google Plus+

One common thing that made Google Plus a useful social media site for business and businessmen alike is that when you post here, the post will be indexed in Google already. It allows the search engine to be influenced positively. So when your business is searched, then it will reach your potential customers. Also, the +1 button on Google + can allow people to know what's on the trend, which means, you can use it to make your business known by many.

Actually, there are other social media sites which can help you establish a good promotional strategy for your business, you just have to choose what can actually be the best one to fit the kind of business and the target market you have.

Written by: Ken Guardian

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