Top 10 Best Gifts to Give this Valentine’s Day

Do you have already your ideas on what will you give this coming Valentine’s Day to your loved ones? Or you don’t have ideas of what you will give to them. Here are some of my few ideas that could help you in choosing what will be the best gift for your loved ones out there. Something that is special that will surely love and appreciated by the person whom you will give your gift. It can be cheap or luxurious but the important thing is that you remember them and you put them on it.
Valentines Days
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Some of you are afraid because you think that she will not love your gift, some are ashamed of showing their sympathy and love to the people they adore. If you are one of these people, then you must consider changing your pessimistic attitude since there is nothing wrong with giving something (cheap or expensive) to our loved ones.

If you are thinking about what you will give to your partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, family, relatives etc. you are in the right place. I will be citing 10 of the best gifts this Valentine’s Day. 

Note: The ideas below are based on my surveys and questions from my friends, colleagues/schoolmates, and online friends and because of this the 10 things that are cited below are realistically possible. 
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#1 Picture and Frame 

This seems to be simple, but one of the sweetest ways to flatter your beloved ones. It signifies that you treasure every moment with them. A picture captures our happiest and sweetest moments with them. Giving her a picture and a frame is a simple way of saying “I treasure you in every bit of my life”.

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#2 Hugs and kisses 

When you love a person never hesitate to kiss and hug them for we don’t know how long they will be staying in our life. We often don’t do this stuff, but it would be one of the best gifts that you could give to your parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, relatives, etc. Hugging a person has also health benefits so never be selfish in giving hugs to your beloved ones.

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#3 Love letters 

The never-ending tradition, but the sweetest way of saying “I Love You”. Sending a letter to your girlfriend with a heartfelt message will surely complete here Valentine’s Day. You can also send letters too to your parents and friends whom you really adore. Try to put sweet words and let your gratitude be embedded in your message. Let them feel what you feel.

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#4 Flowers 

Often times this one is the most commonly used and received a gift every valentine. There are different colors of flowers to choose from that symbolizes purity (white), red (love), green (money & peace) etc. Roses are one of the best flowers for it signifies beauty, romance, and seduction.

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#5 Chocolates 

They say chocolate is second to sex for women, according to but the real thing is that it signifies sweetness and adoration. Just like love, its sweetness satisfies our palates. You could also give chocolates to your friends, teachers, and parents and to all the people you love. Spread your sweetness!

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#6 Cute Pet

Flowers get withered, chocolates are consumable, and love letters will be kept somewhere. Why not try something better that will last longer. Something that she can be with all the time – why not give her a pet (puppy, fish, bird, etc.). She will surely love it since she could be worth it in her spare time.

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#7 Romantic Dinner 

If you want to have a romantic night with your girlfriend then it would be nice if you will set a romantic dinner date with her romantic music and romantic surroundings. Make it perfect in a way that it is designed based on her taste and wants. Ask her what she wants and let her feel how much you care. You could also do this to your parents and friends as well.

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#8 Stuff Toys 

Teddy bears and stuff toys are great things to give as a gift this Valentine’s since it looks adorable and nice. A teddy bear that she can hug every night when she sleeps, girls are sweet they really take care of something that had a great value on them.

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#9 Jewelry 

An expensive gift but when you have already a stable job this one will be appropriate to give to your loved one, the girl you are courting with or your closest friends. Jewelry like diamonds are luxurious but it signifies that the person means a lot to you or has a great value.

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#10 Accessories 

If she is a hipster then it would be a great idea to give here trendy a shirteyeglasses, bags, etc. She will surely love it. Accessories like a necklace or bracelet is also a nice gift to be given to your close friends or loved one.

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