Tips to Move-On in a Toxic Relationship

Photo by josh peterson on Unsplash

Seek for Counselling

Counseling doesn't always need to come from a psychologist or a love expert; sometimes you can ask someone who knows you more than anyone else does- a friend, your mom, dad or anyone in the family. Someone you could tell everything to clear things up. 


Always ask the Lord's guidance. Ask Him if you've made the right decision to give up your love to someone. Ask Him that everything will still fall into place after the decision has been made. Pray that both of you will be in a good situation after all, that you'll be better off sooner.

Spare that feeling of self-worth with the other person. 

Emphasize the good things you've shared with each other than the negative ones. Think about how you grew up/ get matured with the person. Appreciate all the good things about the person.

Be truthful. 

You've got the responsibility to tell the other person why you want to have a breakup. Mature persons want to learn from this. They want to know what their mistakes are, what they lack in the relationship why you want to break up with him/her. It is important for the person to understand the matter. Also, admit your own faults.

Choose the right place and time. 

Don't break up in front of others, on a day before a big event, during a time he won't be capable of handling the situation. It is obvious that a public break up isn't a good idea. Do it in a place where both of you can still explain both your sides on the matter.

By: Ken Guardian

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