Promote Your Blog Using This Social Media Sites

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

In the real world “traffic” is really a bad situation for commuters and drivers because it is the reason of delay appointments and etc., but in the cyber world which is internet traffic is one of the vital elements to keep the site running and to be a successful technopreneur in this alternative reality.

As a blogger, you should always consider how you will promote your articles to give more exposure to them, to broaden your readership and audience and most especially to elevate your traffic (views). Nowadays hundreds of social media sites are popping up every day and hundreds of them have also failed to stand out and often leads to offline.

Based on my experience as a blogger, I would strongly recommend these social media sites for you to gain more traffic just like what I am doing on my blogs. The key is consistency and persistence if you are a blogger make sure you write quality standard articles which is not too personal is the secret source to earn more online for it drives more traffic.

1. Facebook – one of the most famous social media sites which has already billions of users. It is a social utility which allows users to share their photos, connect with other people, share links, video calls, and chat, create pages, advertise your product and etc. It is the top 2 sites on the web right now. By using Facebook you will surely gain more readership and views. Make sure you have tons of friends and followers. Do not create spams for users hate it.

2. Twitter – As for now, Twitter is on top 12 lists. It is a social networking site and a micro-blogging site that allows a user to send instant messages, SMS or a web interface. You can tweet your blog links and let your followers click and see it. The more followers you have, the more views you will gain.

3. Mix – is a discovery engine that shares and helps its users to search specific web content. As a user, you are capable of rating contents and you can personalize your page by selecting your interests. There are millions of readers here on StumbleUpon and it can put your blog to go viral. You can share links, photos, pages, and videos here too.

4. Pinterest –A top 27 global rank site, this is photo-sharing websites that allow you to (pin) create, share and manage your photos with their pinboard-style photo-sharing website. You can put backlinks of your blogs in your photos and when a user clicks it twice, they will be directed to your blog. Isn’t it cool? 

5. LinkedIn – this is a social networking site for people with professional occupations. The site seems to be classy for it is surrounded by successful people. When you share an article on LinkedIn make sure that it is a high-quality standard article for you will be sharing it with professional people. It’s global rank (top 17). 

5. Instagram – is one of the most popular photo-sharing and social networking sites now. It allows users to share videos and photos with digital filters which mean you can edit and put some effects on your photos. Using Instagram you can put your blog links on your photos in that way you can advertise your blogs freely. You can add me here: Instagram

6. Weheartit – just like interest, it is a home of inspirational and beautiful pictures. It allows users to share their photos and etc. the site has also a search engine to find jobs too. You can drive traffic by putting Weheartit widgets and get followed buttons.

7. Digg – A social networking site and a news aggregator with an editorially driven front page. You can add Digg trending political issues or news, science and technology and other interesting topics that can go viral.

8. Tumblr - It is a microblogging and social networking website that was founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc. It allows users to post multimedia, links, photos, quotes, GIF and more. It uses a short blog form and recently based on some analysis it generates more traffic than Twitter. You might try this out, this social media is decent and beautiful. 

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