Painful Words That Cause Breakup in a Relationship

They say action is sweeter than words but oftentimes words are as sharp as a knife that it pierces hearts. It destroys life and if you can’t manage the pain you might end up half dead and half alive. 
Photo by Naomi August on Unsplash

Have you ever loved or have you ever been loved? Have you been in a situation wherein you need to choose whether you will stick or you will just let go? In the darkest hours of our lives who are the people who used to be there when you are so down? Who is there when your life is full of miseries?

The questions above are just some of my few queries about love. And for sure you know the answers from the questions above. Learning is not just in school but it is more an experience that makes more knowledgeable. Surely, knowledge is different from wisdom for knowledge is only in books but wisdom is something that we get from life experiences which we use in everyday life. Meaning wisdom is much deeper than knowledge.

Having crushes and loving a person the way they are and the way they look is normal especially at the age of puberty where opposite sexes get attracted to the other sex. But when you have loved already you should consider its good and bad side. Below are some of the painful words that you might hear when you are in a relationship: 

1. Goodbye – Sometimes goodbyes are the most painful way of saying “I love you”. This word ends everything. Hearing this word coming from a person you love is unbearable and it feels that it’s killing you softly for you knew that all the sweet moments that you have been together will never happen again. It is an end.
2. Sorry – This word is always used when you have done wrong and when you have committed a sin against other people. But when your fiancĂ© had told you this, it has a different effect. It is excruciating because you know that he/she has not fulfilled what he/she had promised on yours. You have expected too much but he/she fails to do it.

3. We’re done – Another phrase saying goodbye but the approach is more painful than just saying goodbye. It is because it is accompanied by anger and disappointment. This word ends everything but in a rude manner. 

4.  I Quit – often times we hear this phrase in competitions and battle but when you hear this word from your beloved one you might end up questioning yourself – why? 

5. I Forgot – we can’t deny the fact that when we love somebody more than we do to our self we expect more of them. We expect something brilliant but when that expectation is forgotten it leads to disappointments.

6. I don’t like you anymore - this phrase can be the worst phrase that you might hear to your boyfriend/girlfriend for it shows discontentment. It also implies that he/she is not happy anymore with you. He/she wanted to get rid of you. 

7. You’ve changed – there is no permanent in this world and let us get used to it. People change whenever they’re hurting and just like the seasons you should be prepared always for the worst

8. Forget me – it is a forceful way of saying goodbye. It means that she/ he wanted to get rid of you as much as possible and as quick as he/she can. She feels that she/he is chained to you and him/she thinks that it would be better if you’re just gone.

9. I have my new bf/gf – this might be the worst scenario that you might experience for you are in a relationship but your partner is already attached to another person. Just like having a love triangle but he/she chose to be with the other person. It is just like he/she used you’re for no bigger reasons. There is no commitment.

10. We can’t be together – Forbidden love can also be one of the reasons for breaking up. It might be his/her parents don’t like you, you have different standards in life, you two don’t click with each other or it might be caused by social stereotyping.

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