Tips On How To Be an Effective Blogger

The work is tough at first but it becomes lighter as you go on. As your articles grow, your readership escalates too and your possibility to earn high will increase.
I have been blogging for years now and I have met several bloggers who have been my inspiration to continue my passion in the world of blogosphere. My journey was not as easy as 1-2-3 for it had offered me perils and elusive tasks just to remain on track.

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

For me, blogging is not just a job that you need to write want you to want and what others have told you to write. It’s a hobby and a passion – you need to put the heart on it to keep going. It is not a venue to be rich-quick but one thing for sure it will give you financial freedom (passive income) someday if ever you will put time, effort and love to it. 
Here are the 10 things I have learned about blogging:

1. Write and write - write whatever ideas that pop out into your mind. Jot it down in a scratch paper and build your ideas about it. Take some time in creating your main idea and support it with supporting details. Write whatever you want and you’ll see you have written a masterpiece which is unique and fresh.

2. Be open-minded – There is nothing wrong in asking help to other bloggers. Everyone has its own expertise and others might know what you do not know for we are nonconformity – we are individuals. Each of us has its own ideas and wisdom, try to consider other ideas as well. 

3. Be consistent – Just like the old fable “The rabbit and the turtle” it had taught us to be persistent and consistent. For no matter how far and peak our route, we should never stop. Just remember what Confucius had preached “No matter how slow, little by little you will reach it”. So keep moving. 

4. Turn off the internet – One of the toughest rivals of us (bloggers) is the interference of other social media sites. It gives too much destruction that makes us procrastinate. Turning off the internet while you are writing will eliminate several temptations’ which will cause delays if ever you had been coerced by its influence. 

5. Love what you do – Just like taking care of your children, your favorite books, toys, collectibles, and etc. You need to love blogging for it will be your buddy as you embark in the world of blogosphere. Be compassionate and make every article your masterpiece and art. 

6. Read more to learn more – as a writer/blogger you need to read more books to harness your vocabulary and for you to write more high-quality articles. Learning is a continuous process and you need to train your brain cells every day. You need to be a bookworm as you are sharing your ideas with the world. You need to know what you write. 

7. Be optimistic – Blogging is not an easy job and you must consider it before entering into their world. Make friends who can help you and inspire you every day for it would be lofty. Do not be pessimistic if you do not get what you want (results, ideals) in the first months of your journey. It takes time but makes sure you remain positive. 

8. Explore more – don’t be afraid of new opportunities and task – take it as a stepping stone as you go nearer into your goals. Explore and try new things just like learning some other ways of monetizing your blog. It really helps and it makes you skillful and versatile. 

9. Accept critics – Just like in school; some of your classmates will like what you did but others will not and that is life. We cannot please all people. We only need to listen and keep on growing and improving. Don’t think critics as a destructive word but as a constructive word to make you better every single day of your life. 

10. Advertise and share – After writing your content, it’s now time to turn on the internet and put some time in sharing and advertising it to other sites. No matter how great your articles, you still need to make promotions and exposures just like other popular brands. It will help you gain more traffic and readership.

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