Rosewholesale Review: Affordable Clothing's & Accessories is an online clothing fashion store where you can buy trendy ladies/men's apparel and accessories that are very affordable. They have the latest fashion style clothing’s and chic product lines to offer extreme choice to their selective clientele. Products on Rosewholesale are cheap but the quality remains. They also have good product services and what I love most on Rosewholesale is that they give plenty of coupons to lessen your shopping expenses especially when you are on a shopping spree!

Rosewholesale Review
Rosewholesale Homepage

They have thousands of product lines ranging from:
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Special Casual Dresses
  • Women's Clothing
  • Intimate Lingerie
  • Bags
  • Jewelry and other accessories
  • Men and Women's Shoes
  • Wigs
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Bags and Accessories
  • Home & Living Products
  • Men's Fashion Clothing 
How Did I Stumble on Rosewholesale?

Last summer vacation here in the Philippines, I was doing some blog syndication on my first blog site and I've stumbled from one of my friend’s blog post which was a "Rosewholesale Giveaway". At first, I thought it was just open for US resident so I have commented "So sad, I can't join the giveaway" but a few minutes later, a reply pop-up in my notification saying "No, it is open worldwide". So I tried to do the requirements without expecting to win that giveaway.

After few weeks, I opened my yahoo mail and I was shocked and my eyes were frozen on one of the emails that I receive with the heading "Congratulations", and it was a message coming from the blog host that was making some giveaway opportunity from Rosewholesale. I was notified that I have won $20 gift certificate and I could buy any items from the site. My expression "Oh my, this is really is it!"
Rosewholesale Giveaway
Products I have bought from the $20 gift
 cards that I have won
Products I Have Bought

I was very happy with the gift card that I have won in the giveaway, and when I had visited the site, I was amused because it all their product lines is trendy and very cool. The style of their clothing’s where very catchy and fashionable.
  • Unique and Fashionable Generation of Deformed Magic Picture Wrist Watch for Children (Black) – for my nephew
  • Fashion Letter Print Round Neck Short Sleeve Slimming Polyester T-shirt for Men – Mine
  • Simple Style Daisy Pattern Earrings – for my Mother
  • Waterproof Rubber Band LED Car Watch/Table with Blue Light Display Time Arch Shaped (Black) - Mine
  • Korea Fashion Stylish Dolphin Ring – for my sister

My Review and Impression

Though I have waited for almost 2 weeks before I received the product, I am still happy about their service because I manage to pay the shipping fee using my “R points” and at the same time it was directly delivered to our home even we are in a rural area. I was also impressed because the products are with high quality and at the same time very affordable. Look at the pictures while we wear the products that we bought on rosewholesale:

Rosewholesale review
My nephew wearing his new kiddie watch
This is my nephew enjoying the kiddie watch that I have bought for him. This watch has cool designs that kids would really love. Just look at my nephew's face!

Rosewholesale review
Me wearing my LED watch
This is the watch that I have bought for myself, a waterproof LED watch. I love the hipster design and how the watch looks like -- very fashionable!

Rosewholesale review
My sister wearing her new dolphin ring
This is the Korean Style ring that I have bought for my sister, she loves the dolphin design and the cut of it. She's pretty happy with it!

Happy Me with my New Shirt and Watch
With this impression, I would probably by again to Rosewholesale especially hoodie’s which are very cool and trendy especially when I got my money online. To be honest, I am very impressed with their service and they have good support. And most of all -- I am happy because I got my products without spending money in my pocket!

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