The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002 Review

This was the continuation of “The Lord of The Ring – The Fellowship of the Ring” where Frodo and Sam become captives of Gordon’s army suspecting them that their spy of Sauron but later on they made it believe that they were not. On the other hand, the series reveals what happened after Gandalf fall from Mount Moria


So yes, you were right, Gandalf is still alive and by fate, he will meet again his friends in the fellowship. While Aragon needs to go back to Rohan as soon as possible, for it will be under attack by Sauron’s army soon while Frodo and Sam were led by Gollum to the mountain of fire to destroy the ring.

My Reaction

The movie is getting more exciting as Frodo and Sam got nearer and nearer to the mountain of fire, but at the same time, I feel pity to Frodo as I can already paint the turmoil and torment that he is suffering as he bears the ring. I am blissful that Sam is always there to guide, help and support Mr. Frodo in his toil same with their other friends in the fellowship.

I was even surprised that Gandalf is still alive, so I feel much better for it’s a sign of luck to the challenge and journey that they are stumbling. He is a great help to the fellowship for he has a formidable strength to fight Sauron’s army and bad villains.

This series was also full of suspense when Aragon was dragged into the cliff by a wild creature of Sauron’s army and they thought he died but thankfully he survives from that tragic encounter. I do admire the love of the elf to Aragon, it strengthens him to fight stronger and save the middle earth from destruction. Their love is pure to each other and I do think they will be together soon when the war comes to an end.

The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers Trailer

But they really need more force to fight back Sauron’sarmy for they are already out-numbered so if they fight with their situation they will probably be endangered and may lead to their defeat.

My Rating

I will give this more 4.5 stars. I was really captivated by the words that they throw; it is filled with inspiration and life’s lesson. Truly one of the best epic movies that I have watched so I am madly excited in the last series which is “The Return of the King”