11 Income Generating Jobs to Earn Money Online!

Have you ever thought of earning money online? Some of you don’t know how it really works, but some of you already know that it is possible to earn online. Thousands of internet users have been earning every month and a few of them works at home. The benefits and goodness of this are that you have your own time and you are the boss. You can do it anytime you want and the possibility of earning is infinite – it depends on your hard work and one's effective way of doing things.

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The information’s and things that I will be sharing with you comes from my researches, experiences, and discoveries. I am happy to share this with you especially if you are new with this matter. I will guide you for you to realize and learn effectively and rightly the things you must learn before you embark and start working for money on the internet.

1. PTC Sites – It means Pay-to-click sites and this was one of the earliest things that I have tried in order for me to earn money online. I had first met Clixsense and I have put most of my time clicking ads which cost (0.01$ - 0.2$). I find it so hard to accumulate earnings and decided to find another opportunity online.

2. Link Shortener – After deciding to stop on PTC sites I have stumbled some sites that offer the opportunity to earn through link shortener like adfly. All you need to do is to shorten any links and share it with your friends or in the social media sites. When someone clicks the shortened link you will earn cents. After some time I have realized it looks spammy so I decided to stop and look for another way to earn online.

3. Networking - It can be an offline or online job and all you need to do is to invite people to join your network. The main purpose of networking is that they needed plenty of members to use their product and sustain their internal economy. You also need to invite and make pairs (binary system) and if that happens you will be compensated. At first, it was fun, but as the days go by I find it hard especially in inviting people. One of the networking companies that I joined is I-fern. I am now selling my account since I have no time anymore, I have already 55 members (downlines) waiting to be paired and if you want to buy and you’re interested to contact me.

4. Working for micro jobs – Since I was very interested in earning online I have discovered one site named microworkers which all you need to do is to do a micro-task/job and when you successfully do your work you will be compensated that ranges from ($0.05 - $5) depending on the work you have done. I have earned once here worth $12 and I am still working on them.

5. Answering Surveys – This was one of the easiest ways to earn online. All you need to do is to answer questions and when you had completed the survey you will be rewarded with points that could be exchanged into cash. As for now, the survey site that I am using is Ipanel PH

6. Captcha typing – I have been a curious online businessman, so I try new opportunities that I think I would be earning. Through my inquisitive attitude, I have stopped on one site which you could earn by just typing Captcha – it was megatypers but I did not continue since I cannot see any chances of having passive income for you need to work so hard to earn them.

7. Franchising – At this moment I was already earning some few bucks from the sites that I am working with but it feels that it is not enough so I decided to enter the world of franchising. I joined Stratus Mall, which is a franchising company from Utah, USA. I start earning quite high and as a franchiser, I have the privilege to decide what I should do with my products that I have bought online – I used some of it and my mother sells some of it through direct selling on her co-teachers. Very profitable!

8. Social media sites and Advertising Sites - I never thought we could earn money with Facebook with Instant Articles. It was a new earning opportunity for me, it's like Google Adsense.

9. Trading – This one has one of the biggest potentials, but I never tried to invest money since you need money before you earn but I have heard plenty of internet users earns on forex and etc.

10. Blogging – Of all the ways to earn online the one that I really love is blogging about it really offers passive income, especially when you have many articles and post to monetize. I have joined lots of social blogging sites like Hubpages. After months of experience, I decided to construct my own blog on blogger and this is it now.

11. Cryptocurrency - is a medium of exchange, created and stored electronically in the blockchain, using encryption techniques to control the creation of the monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds. Bitcoin is the best-known example. I also have GNT, XRP, XEM, QTUM, ZRX, DGB, DOGE and XVG. I bought this cryptocurrency at  ABRA. Check out ABRA and easily invest in 28 cryptocurrencies or BIT10, an index of the top cryptos. 


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