Feeling Sleepy At School? Tricks to Stay Attentive and Active Inside Classroom

Have you ever felt getting sleepy during class hours? Well, that's something unavoidable. Learning how to stay awake during class is really a challenge, especially when you're in a boring lecture, yeah right. 

Other reasons may include, staying too late at night for having a heavy review for a day exam, playing an online game till the game gets over, having over time updating the social media sites or watching fave drama series. Whatever may be your reasons are why you feel sleepy at school, they're just as given.

Well, it seems like everyone has gone through this and it's a funny thing watching someone fighting his sleep while eyelids are getting heavier every second. Then suddenly seeing him fall down of his desk and eventually rise up again as if no one's looking at him. That's really a funny thing to see someone's face with an awkward expression who just came up from his near-asleep encounter.

Not only it is a problem when you're caught by your professor, but also it may affect the knowledge you might gain. Well, for this situation, I got here a few tips that you might use.

1. Drink Cold Water 

Just take with you a tumbler with cold water. When you already feel sleepy, just drink from it. Little sips of cold water will help you feel hydrated and alert.

2. Participate in Class Discussion 

Be attentive in class, the professor may not be noticing that you're sleepy. Just ask questions, comment on to something or discuss things up (of course lecture-related).

3. Pretend your Prof telling something Interesting. 

Yeah, it's just all in the mind. Just pretend that your professor is telling about a vacation or anything under the sun that simply interests you.

4. Keep Yourself Busy 

Doodle or fiddle with your pen or anything that will keep you awake. (Just refrain from talking, that could be trouble with your professor.) Doodling helps your brain have enough energy to pay attention and helps you not to daydream. But, just don't let yourself get caught by the professor. You don't know what to explain to him, okay? Take down notes, that's another thing you may do to keep busy with yourself.

5. Go to the Comfort Room 

I guess you're allowed have a break to pee. A short walk will help you not to fall asleep. When you're in the CR, move or wash your face. Water can help you feel refreshed.

6. Chew Mint Gum

Chewing gum can improve one's concentration and it increases the attention level of someone. Also, the mint scent of gum can also help your senses awake.

7. Hold Your Breath for a While 

This is one good way for you not to feel sleepy. Hold your breath, count at least 100. Once you felt restless, release. You'll feel relieved after.

8. Pinch Yourself 

Let's see if you wouldn't get awake as you pinch yourself hard enough. Just don't shout, your professor may be disturbed and that's a shame in the whole class. Haha.

9. Move your Feet 

Regular movement of your feet can help you stay awake. Let the fingers of your feet move too as if they want to come out of your shoes. It might help you anyway.

10. Sit in Front of the Class 

Maybe one of the best ways to help you not fall asleep. Who would like to sleep in front of the professor? You'll surely do anything just not to fall asleep.

Hope these little tips will help you guys from being a troublesome sleeping monster in class. Remember sleeping for a while may lead you to a more serious problem in class. So, have a better sleep at night and keep yourself ready for school.

Written by: Ken Guardian

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