How to Make Money With a Blog for Beginners

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Yes, if you really wanted to earn real extra income by blogging or writing, you must be considering this idea as it will drive passive income. Some people are getting mad because they earn less even when they have thousands of articles. Some lose their enthusiasm when writing online, and some have already stopped for they have lost their will. 

But wait: Did you consider your articles as evergreen and with money making contents such as facts? Then if not, you are actually doing something which will not give you passive income every month.

I have read hundreds of complaints and negative thoughts about earning online. But at the same time, I have also witnessed hundreds of people getting paid and being happy with what they have now. Some were successful but many remain frustrated. Such people are always asking "why" and "how" to earn more money. But earning real money online takes time - I repeat - it takes time! So you had better learn some basic reminders that you must keep on your journey and always remember: DON'T QUIT.

Here are some of my tips for you to earn more money writing online. These tips are already proven, for I have experienced and learned this:

1. Write Money-Making Contents - in writing these types of content you will be considering what are the trending topics and hot topics online. Few of them are all about "Earning Money", "Celebrity Issues" and "Contents that is hot in a specific period of time" - like for example making an article all about Halloween before November starts.

2. Evergreen Article/ Knowledge Base Content - This type of article is a nice way for you to earn passively for it is used every day. Whenever schools start, if ever your articles are among others, it will rank higher and will have higher search results in search engines.

3. Monetize your content using ad networks - Please read this blog  "10 Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers." to gain an idea about ad network to earn money online for your content.

Above are the topics that you will be considering if you really want to earn online. In some manners, personal writings are also helpful if you will manage to make your readers interested in what you write.
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So we are finished with the content, our next stop is how to drive traffic? Some of you already know this but for the people who do not,  if the writer is new to this writing online world, then this will be helpful:

1. Share it on Social Media Sites - Yes, sharing it on social media sites will abruptly increase your views and earning. One of the best sites for you to share your works on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and etc..

2. Promote and get active - Some writers don't want to participate in the community and just post their articles and leave. Many writers will not be tired of commenting on others' work, including your own. But remember they are the ones who will be helping you to make money. It is always best to return the favor when you can.

3. Attitude - Attitude has a big factor in your writing career. You must have a positive attitude towards your work. Be good, be honest and share what you can share - for good karma is true and if you do this, your hard work and dedication will have a better chance of being fruitful and rewarding. You will harvest what you have sown, so it is always best to plant kindness to others from the start.

I hope I have shared some helpful tips for you to earn real money online. Just keep in mind that no matter how slow you travel, little by little, you will reach that goal.

Note: This article of mine is based on my own research, opinion, and knowledge in writing online and in perfecting SEO techniques.

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