Why Brand Transparency Matters on Social Media

Social Media Sites. Transparency for Public Eye
Social Media Sites offers Faster Updates to people who thirst for
Information and News
Social Media is an internet site where people interact, share and discuss freely information and opinions about their daily activities with the aid of multimedia’s personal blogs, pictures, videos, and audios. Through this website, people (individual or group) can communicate with one another online.

Lately, Yahoo Philippines posted Wave7, a survey of more than one billion active users conducted by UM ( a division of IPG Mediabrand) has been released saying that Filipino’s is the most active social media users. We all know that we are known to be the “texting capital of the world” and now we are crowned as the “Most Active Online Users on Social Media Sites” like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Wikis, and Instagram etc. 

We cannot deny the fact that because of our strong family ties we have grown in a land where we treasure and take care of the people we adore by making continuous communication every day. We are used to greeting and text our loved ones to make sure they are okay and in good condition.

Due to the rising technology, miles become meters away, and distant land becomes our neighbors. We remain connected to people around the globe through online connectivity.

Social Media Sites:  Transparency for the Public Eye
Social Media Websites Have Developed  the World Into a
More Interactive World via
What is Transparency???

The word “transparency” means clarity, directness, clearness and many more. This word has been improved more because of social media websites. Today, people are much updated on what is happening around the world in just “one click” because of social media sharing.
  • Fast updates about what is happening to showbiz industries (celebrities/icons/singers)
  • Connectivity and virtual social engagement
  • Business corporations can now interact faster with their clients/applicants
  • Wider scope for online advertising
  • Faster support and services
  • A reliable source of information while it is fresh
Social Media Sites. transparency for the public Eye
Social Media Sites = Transparency to Public Eye via

Social Media Sites for Better Transparency. . .

We cannot deny the fact that social media sites have made a big difference since it was launched and set on-line. It has changed the world in different views and perspective. Now, people are much more vigilant about what is happening in the world. They can express and tell their story through videos and blogs.

Facebook is the busiest and most visited social media site in the world. It has been calculated that Facebook has almost 1.11 billion users in the year 2013. It is also one of the most effective social media for business marketing. By creating page companies can:

  • Notify their clients every day of what is happening in their company
  • Present their marketing strategies
  • Advertise their products in different countries with fewer expenses
YouTube has also tapped one (1) billion monthly users with four (4) billion views per day in the year 2013. They have also launched paid channels to give way to their content creators to earn revenue from their videos. Through the aid of v-blogging:
  • People around the world can be a teacher thru their video-tutorials
  • People can be an online star
  • People love watching videos which means creating laughter and unity
Social Media Sites. Transparency for Public Eye
Public Eye is vigilant, wide-open because of Social media Sites
Social Media the Public Eye

Social media sites are the eye of the public. It is the informer and the medium wherein people manage to see what is happening, share what must be shared and read what must be read. In this era, we can see that people want to interact and be belonged to every social issue to share their individual stand.

It is also a way to:
  • Seek for a job
  • Seek for a Mr./Ms. Right
  • Seek for a friend
  • Seek for happiness
And other personal things that people would want to go through the use of social media site. But for sure SOCIAL MEDIA SITES will always play a vital role in the development of the world whatever it is.

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