10 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers

If you are a blogger and you want to earn from your blogs then you are in the right place. If you are a newbie about blogging and used to write for fun, maybe you might try to consider earning from it; compensating your hard works and harness the potential and possibilities of earning an extra income out of your hobby (writing).

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When I was new to blogging I never expected to earn from it, just a medium to express myself and to write what my head keeps on murmuring, but when a friend told me that I could be compensated from my blogs I never wasted time and put efforts on how it really works. 

First of all, what I have done first is that I have joined several revenue-sharing websites to get experience. They already offer the platform like and they will be giving you shares every time they earn from your blogs. Some have external affiliate programs from and but for you to earn from them you need to make sales.

So how do we really earn from our blogs? 

For those who are new to it, I will give you a very clear situation on how do bloggers generate money from their blogs. Have you noticed that the banners/ads popping on every website you visit? Those are ads from advertisers and whenever someone clicks their ads the owner of the website earns and at the same time the company itself. It is a business promotion, advertisers pay websites to show their advertisement and that’s how bloggers earn by joining ad networks and other affiliate programs.

Reminders: Here are some of the ad networks that you can use to monetize your blogs. The ad network below is proven and tested so you do not need to worry about it if it is legit or scam.

Adsense is on our first list since it is the highest and preferred ad network where you can earn a decent rate. It is an advertising program by Google that sends automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisement. Adsense is an ad network website friendly since it adapts its size, content of the advertisement and the color of your site. You can have hosted Adsense if you have applied to hosted sites like Hubpages, blogger, and Wordpress and can be upgraded if ever you have already your custom domain. You can generate revenue via per-click and per impression basis. 

Based on what I have heard and on my listed ad networks Izea Media is second to Google Adsense in terms of rate. They pay as much as $1 per 3.5k views not like the other network, which pays $1 per 10-12k views with (0.08-0.12$ eCPM). In order for you to be a qualified partner of this ad network, you need a 3 month-old blog (English or Spanish Language) with original content. You must have also Google Analytic and 51% of your traffic must come from the US.

This is a CPM ad network company from the United Kingdom (UK) and I would strongly recommend this ad network for it really works. From all the ad network that I have been using now I earn more here. They have a real-time statistic, high conversion rate (R.O.I) and more revenue with optimization. In order for you to be qualified as a publisher, you need a blog and verified PayPal. They have different eCPM based on countries and the banner you used to like in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia the eCPM is 0.10$ (Banner 468x60) while in France, Germany, Ireland etc. it is 0.06$ (Banner 468x60). 

4. Chikita

This is one of the earliest and oldest advertising networks for publishers since 2003 so you don’t need to worry about Chikita is 100% legit. It is also one of the best Adsense alternatives. It has real-time, scalable, on-demand contextual targets for publishers and online businesses. They provide ad codes in JavaScript and it is easy to generate codes on your dashboard, you can create banner ads, mobile ads, in-text ads, hover ads and highlights ads. 

This is a new way for publisher or blogger online to earn through Facebook by creating a fast, immersive and interactive articles online. It is mobile publishing that allows a Facebook user to monetize their FB page thru Facebook application. The articles load 10 times faster than the standard mobile web which is an edge for it to grow very fast as one of the publisher's platforms to earn from their blogs/articles.

This is a CPM ad network that accepts worldwide traffic and has been in the advertising industry since 2003 just like Chikita; surely a legit and best alternative for Google Adsense because of its promising CPM rates. They will pay you when you hit the threshold $20 through PayPal, Bank Wire, and Check.

This is a new ad network company and a partner of krytoads. I have discovered this ad network because of an email from krytoads saying that they have already removed the pop-under ads, but as they had said I can still use it through Krytoclix which was there advertising partner. The site is legit and I am pretty impressed with it.

It leads the online advertising industry that solves the banner blindness for advertisers. It is a type of ad network, which advertises through text and links. I have been using Infolinks and the way it works is really effective, especially if you have tons of visitors on your blog. You will not have any problems with spaces since it does not occupy large space on your blog since advertisement is in the text.

This is another good alternative ad network for Adsense that is powered by Yahoo and Bing Network, Contextual Ads Program that enables us (publishers) to earn and be compensated easily and effectively through advertising. It is the leading contextual advertising company with great innovation and solutions in terms of traffic and monetization. 

This is an Indian advertising network that supports international publishers and advertisers that has a constant CPM of $0.12 which is not bad anymore. In order for you to be one of their publishers, you need to pass on their standards and should be approved by all of their staff. They also use alternative ads from Google. 

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