Reasons Why Students Fail in School

We are the captain of our soul and fate, the drivers of our own dreams.
We are the creator of the destined path of God, we only need to cooperate with Him and take the first step to make it real. Nobody knows where life may bring and the only one who will reach the top is the dreamer who had tapped his potentials to meet his aspirations and take advantage of his capabilities in his chosen railway. 

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Nowadays, students are bombarded with different interference all over the globe. It may be man-made or naturally present in the environment. These are some of the factors that really affect student’s academe. 

1. Technology - Faster and easier way in research studies and even in communication, fewer pressures and more recreation time for students. They have already all the necessity that a student can have because of the rising technology is known as “INFORMATION ERA”. In spite of these advantages, it also brings laziness when not used properly. Gadgets are essential like a cellphone but using it while on the class discussion gives another contradiction with its benefits.

2. Society Interference Sometimes the youth will prefer mostly for mingling and shopping rather than group studies or educational training. As a result, the quality of education from the minds of the students become uninteresting and fluctuating affecting their scholastic foundation causing their grades to failing.

3. Lack of motivation - Another reason behind a student’s academic failure is the lack of parental guidance and moral support. They lost their enthusiasm and willingness to study. They become fainted and rude sometimes, they become refugee seeking for home and most of all they sometimes attempt suicides because of being restless and hopeless.

4. Peer pressure - also affects student’s performance, they become a bad influence to do devilish scheme and become lazy in studying because they intended to wander around rather than schooling which makes them feel boredom.

5. Stress – this is also a factor which declines students mind. They are in the school but they are mentally absent. This is caused by poor coping with their everyday problems, they don’t get used to it so their attention is suppressed.

5. Sleep deprivation and expectations – we need to take a sleep 7-10 hours every day as what prescribed by a doctor to regain and build energy for another day. But when this will not comply human system may dysfunction according to on how it works because any less or too much may lead to imbalance causing for us to concentrate on every task.

6. Attitudes and behaviors – it takes a bigger role in our personality, the more we think positive and courageous the more we achieve, but when a student is a pessimistic person all the bad things happen to him makes him more down with fewer achievements.

7. Poor study skills – it is the inability to prioritize and using course materials in a way that produces a low comprehension -per-time rate, lack of self-management in and confidence to learn more. No person in this world is born with the knowledge needed for his survival, everything is learned through enrichments in his chosen course.

8. Poor time management – This is one of the most reason why students fail, it’s because they can’t use their spare time wisely. They can’t manage their time accordingly to their academic activities.

9. Emotional Distress – A student with emotional distress is often afraid to mingle with other students. They preferred to be alone; they indulge themselves in the pain they are suffering. Personal and social problems really affect one’s behavior in school performance. You cannot think well because you are drowned by pressure and perils. When a student has emotional distress his cycle and behavior is massively affected and destructed.

In the end, it lies in our hands how our education prospers from one another. It depends on us because we are the architects of our future to make it profitable. Let us balanced pleasure and studies because, in the nutshell, we are the farmer who will harvest what we sowed in our lives, so act and think before time runs out!

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