10 Psychological Reasons for Lying in a Relationship

We cannot deny the fact that we have lied even once in our life. It is totally normal, but when you repeatedly do it, then it is a habit already which is bad -- Lying means to deliberately say something untrue with a conscious effort to deceive somebody. It is a way to deceive someone to veil the truth. 
10 Most Common Reason Why People Life

The result is like a domino, it keeps on growing if someone insists it that it was honest and substantial. It is a form of slavery in mind and when you habitually do it you will feel that your life is chained with several burdens and might end up destroying your life for conscience keeps on visiting your heart.

It is a pattern of cheating and when you lie to someone whom you love, it might cause undue pain and may end up breaking up. Psychologically, people lie because they want to protect something, it is a defense mechanism and most of the time people who commit lies are cowards. 

“Liars go to hell” and we all know that but some people have bigger reasons why they lie. Below are some of my collective reasons coming from different people why do they lie and why they repeatedly do it? This could give you some insights of why people lie especially if someone does it to you.

1. They are afraid of someone in authority – Some people lie because they are afraid to be punished by someone in authority. They think that it is the only way for them to be freed and to avoid troubles.

2. They lack freedom in their life – Lying are some of the ways to a teenager for them to hang out with their friends especially if their parent is strict. They lie to escape just like sneaking at night to party and going outside for trips.

3. They want to do things and stuff which they aren’t allowed – Some people lie because they think that their life is chained and choked up with rules that they don’t like. They thirst for more freedom to do things just the way they want.

4. They have always been manipulated by others – They might be coerced and driven by somebody who is superior that’s why they lie. Some people do this because they wanted more or they are incarcerated with roles like a bird in a cage.

5. People would judge them – When they had committed mistakes and they don’t want to be blaming them rather lie than being judged by people that surround him. It is a way to avoid the consequences that might happen.

6. They are afraid to be reprimanded – They are scared to be rebuked for doing wrong. They are afraid to be punished, that’s why they lie to hide their violations and choose to do it to avoid the problem.

7. They don’t want to hurt others, but basically, they end up doing so by lying – Some people lie to avoid hurting others, but they never see the bad things that might happen when they do it. They are just making the problem worse than before.

8. The things that they do affect other people negatively – Telling the truth is painful and some people lie to protect what they love, but they never think of what will happen next if the person discovers what’s really true.

9. They want to be happy and be free, but they don’t want other people to be disappointed in them – Yes, when you lie you are escaping from the bad things that might happen that time but there is no secrets or lies that remain unspoken and unfold.
10. They want to be in control of their lives, but they can’t – Most of the time people lie because they don’t want the rules, they feel that it limits their freedom, that’s why they lie. But they never considered its effect. 

Lying ruins your integrity for it is a form of deceiving someone through your words

It makes life miserable and complicated; I myself could say that since I have been cheated for many times. It is really painful when someone lets you believe that they really adore and care for you, but in the end, they do not have the plan to catch you when you already feel.

Lying is a grievous act and if you wanted to live life light and happy better be true to what you speak, act and think.

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