Things You'll Experience in College (Eng'g Course)

"I am not a math whiz and I am not as idiot as booby bird—I am just a mediocre student in terms of mathematical skills. I am now in 3rd year in my 5th year course and it was not as easy as I have thought." 
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Every one of us has its own aspirations to be achieved; from the very first start when we’re born till now we still aspire and we can tell that it is already innate within us. Others have dreamed to be a doctor/nurse, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a businessman, an engineer etc. someday. And that dreams keep us moving – it is a force that pushes us always to aim for more .

I am a dreamer who had dreamed to be a doctor someday but unfortunately my mother cannot afford it financially so I have to take my second course which was Computer Engineering. My first impression of this course is that I will only be using and studying about computer (nothing more). I did not focus on the “Engineering” word since my mother told me too that I was right with that impression.

Here in this article and as an engineering student all statement below we’re based on my experiences and products of my inquisitive Q&A /surveys that comes from my co-colleagues. 
1. Sleepless nights – one of the most relevant experience of an engineering student is lack of sleep since you need to study at night all the mathematical formulas, equations and problems. You need to put extra time on it and sacrifice some hours of sleep.

2. Terror professors – in my survey 8 out of 10 students tells that they do hate math teacher and they are having a hard time dwelling on numbers. Some of them are just forced to take the course while other really like their course but they can feel how difficult engineering courses. And add up those terror professors that instead of learning and enjoying the subject students often got scared that create a bad image / mindset in Mathematics.

3. Failing grades – when you are a business administration, a tourism, an AB English, an Economics student etc. most of your grades, especially when you are studious are 85%-90% plus above but when you are an engineering student even you are too studious you will experience having grades that ranges from 65%-80%. And having a grade of 75% is still worth celebrating especially if those Mathematic subjects are Calculus, Statistic, Mechanics, Dynamics, etc.

4. Cheating during examinations – I freshly remember what our former Advanced College Algebra professor had told us “Cheating is an Art”. The whole class laughed and felt astonished? Of what our professor has said. We can’t deny the fact that we sometimes sneak to our seatmates to find answers whenever we don’t know the solution/answer and it will always be part of student life.

5. Tons of works – not in a literal way, engineering courses have plenty of homework’s, projects and other things related to mathematical calculations and measurements. Sometimes you will find yourself talking to yourself and scratching your head for you do not know which one should be done first.

6. Record book as notebook – funny to here but yes, it rampantly used and still happening. As an engineering student, you need to have long scratch papers and notebooks to take all notes (equations, calculations, measurements, etc.) as possible. Some of our professors require a record book (a long thick notebook often used for attendance sheets and records in offices)

7. Plenty of formulas and problems – as a college student you will not be given the same math problems when you were in high school though some of them are used all over again. Some math professor requires students to memorize formulas which are too difficult especially when it is too many. Some of them also give problems like there will be no coming tomorrow!

8. Stressful – you can’t just hangout and relax anytime like other students when you take engineering courses for you need to focus and review your subject always. You should not cut classes and you must avoid absenteeism too if you don’t want to be left behind in your math subjects.

9. Overtime – sometimes you need more time in solving problems and oftentimes you sacrifice other subject hours just to do it. It consumes too much time especially if the mathematical problem is out of reach! ~nosebleed!

10. Not eating on time – when you have plenty of work to be done; sometimes you need to pass over your meals just to finish the job on time.

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