The Raht Racer: World's First Highway Speed Bike Might Revolutionize Daily Commutes

To those people who love cycling but wish to make it a little bit faster, this is definitely for you! This Rath Racer is the world's first highway safe biking vehicle that amplifies pedal power to car speeds invented by a Minneapolis-based inventor Rich Kronfield. This is a hybrid vehicle that amplifies pedal power to enable you to travel at car speed that can hit a top speed of 100 miles per hour.

The Raht Racer is best to those people who want to workout but with limited time. It has a composite body with room for commuter's need. It has a roll cage, airbags, and seat belts for safety and will surely reduce carbon footprint even further.

This human-powered velomobiles has an estimated price between US$35,000 and $45,000. They are currently raising production fund on Kickstarter. And a pledge of $250 or more will get you on the waiting list -- isn't cool?

Help them raise fund: Raht Race - World's First Highway Speed Bike