Son of God 2014 Review

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The movie was all about the passion and the life of Jesus Christ what he has gone through as the Messiah of God. And at the same time the story of the 12 apostles, how they meet Jesus, their life as missionaries and how their life ended while spreading the word of God.

The movie is worth to watch this Lenten Season, to mediate, repent and praise God for what he has done to us to save us from condemnation. I feel so bad about myself after watching the movie since I had been so stubborn who keeps on disobeying God’s commandments. I also feel pity for what Jesus Christ has gone through just to save us. I realized that we should live life righteously and in accordance with God for him have done everything for us and we should repay him by doing His will and living through the Divine Moral Law which is “Do Good and Avoid Evil”.

To be honest, I feel renewed after watching the movie for it was really inspiring and mind replenishing. I do believe that this movie can change and enlighten perplex and lost lives of people out there. This movie serves as an eye-opener for those people who are blind to see God’s goodness and righteousness.

To those people who do not believe in God, it would be nice if you open your mind and heart to him. Feel and discover His presence in your life. If you are an Atheist this might be the reason for you to meet God and see God in your life.

In a nutshell, the movie was good, the actor that plays the role of God really fits as his visage as humble, pleasant and good as Jesus Christ. As what I have heard, the backbone of the movie delicately screened actors who have auditioned for the role of God. 

To show and make the movie more realistic as actors are interviewed accordingly based on their real-life situation and doing. They say that the actor who will play the role of God must be good to portray Jesus Christ effectively.

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My Rating

I will give this movie a perfect 5 stars since it was perfectly made and at the same time, the script was really inspiring. I even became teary-eyed for it really touches my heart and at the same time it really enlightened me. I strongly recommend that you better what this movie for its worth to watch!

Son of God Movie Trailer 2014 - Official [HD] 

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