Mirror Mirror 2012 Review

The story was actually the same and related to Disney Channel “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” movie however they have added plenty of twists that it becomes more entertaining and exciting.
Mirror Mirror 2012 movie Review
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The story was all about a princess named “Snow White” who had been thrown into the grimy forest by her stepmother who had been so envious of her beauty. That is why she had ordered one of her servants to kill Snow White in the forest and bring Snow White’s internal organ as a proof that she was already dead. 

The queen’s heart is filled with anger and jealousy. She wanted to be the fairest among all, that’s why she wants to kill Snow White. She even cursed her King into a mystical dragon-like creature. And put a love potion to the prince wine as she desires to marry the prince who has been so in love with Snow White.

Snow White with her friends (seven dwarfs) will fight against the evil queen who uses black magic to save her prince from marrying the evil queen and she will discover that her Father “The King” was still alive whom she thought dead. 

My Review

I never expected that the movie was likely the same as the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” movie. However, as the movie goes on you will notice that there are several new scenes that had been added. 

This is another version of Disney Channel “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” story, but it never spoils the story for it was fraught with new exciting scene and revelations. I really had fun watching the movie since the story never ends the way you expect it. They added a musical play at the brink of the movie and I really enjoyed it.

Mirror Mirror Movie Trailer 

The costumes are very fancy, the setting looks real and visual effects are fascinating. The movie was incredible and will suit the whole family. This movie will surely love by your kids who love fairy tales

My Rating

I will give a perfect 5 stars in this fantasy-love movies. I really enjoyed it from the very first start until the end. It was not boring for it was filled with incredible and magical scenes. You better watch this!