Priest 2011 Review

When you go against the church, you go against God.
Last night I didn’t have anything to do so I decided to scan my movie folder and try to watch a movie for me to be entertained and thrilled. Of course, one of my favorite types of movie is “Horror Movies”. I love to be frightened; I love to hear people screaming whenever they are scared. I am quite naughty but what can I do, I just really like intense and thrilling movies.  
Priest 2011 Movie Review

About the Movie

So let’s start reviewing the 2011 movie entitled “Priest”. The movie had started as a type of storytelling of the war happening against two forces—human and vampire. In this movie, the world seems to be in vain, the human is protected by the church. In order for the people to remain protected, the church had trained vampire slayer which they called “Priest”. In the city, the clergy manages to keep their secret in the community, making its people believe that there is no vampire menace. But outside the city, in the wasteland; vampire lurks and hunt for prey. 

The protagonist of the story was a priest who was forced to leave his daughter to serve the church and the clergy. But one day, his daughter was captured by one of the former priests that becomes a human-vampire when the vampire queen converts him to be like them. In this movie, there were two types of vampires—one which has a mutated and ugly visage while the other one was a human but with the blood of a vampire. 


Priest - Official Movie Trailer

My Rating

The movie was a mixture of Horror, Sci-Fi, and action that makes it a great movie to watch. The story was beautiful and the scene was intense as it goes to climax. I give this movie five stars out of five!