5+ Tips On How to Make Nails Stronger and Longer Naturally

Some were asking me how I do grow my nails longer and stronger. That is why I came up with the idea of sharing simple tips on how they could grow longer and stronger nails themselves.

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#1 Do not bite your nails 

Biting off your nails, this is something very obvious that you should avoid doing. It might be inevitable, but it will hinder in your desire of growing long nails. Better try something like putting around bandages on each fingernail or anything that you know will help you from biting your nails.

#2 File your nails regularly

When your nails have a crack, file them. This will avoid your nails from totally splitting apart. File those nails in one direction only, don’t file it back and forth because it will only make your nails easily get brittle.

#3 Avoid chemicals as much as possible 

Though it is helpful in trimming your nails using nail polish remover or acetone, it is at times a reason for your nail to be prone to damage. So when you’re cleaning your nails using these chemicals, swipe them right away.

#4 Use moisturizers for your nails 

Put lotion on your nail or any moisturizer for it will help your nails from becoming too dry. Being dry will easily make it easily get damaged.

#5 Eat protein and calcium-rich foods

Because nails are made up of protein, it is advisable that you supplement your body with food rich in calcium and protein. It is not only good for your nails, but also for your body.

#6 Dip your nails in garlic 

Others won't advise it to do so, but for me it is I think is a good way. Though there's no scientific explanation on it, I still believe that it helped me grow long nails. Because of the selenium in garlic, I guess it's good especially for those having weak nails. Trying it so has no side effects, still, it's up to you to decide.

Some people would want their nails to have nail polish but for me it only makes my nails get brittle so I don’t intend to let it be part of my tips. It’s only that people may differ in their preferences. For others, they might want colorful nails but for me, what’s natural is enough.

As general, you should always have a clean nail, take care of it so that it will be as healthy as you want it to be.

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