Why I Love My LONG Nails!

Why grow long nails? Why like it that much? I asked my Facebook friends who love nails and some others who grow it themselves. Here's what I got from them have my own ideas on why they just love growing nails (even me of course). 


1. It's a Blessing From God 

Really good nails is truly a blessing from God. Just like a friend of mine who compared growing nails to Samson's hair (in the Bible). He said that Samson has been blessed by God with strength when he commanded him not to cut his hair. Just like having long nails which beautifully curve and having strong ones which grow naturally. 

2. It Shows Virile Power 

Not everyone who has long nails are girls. Most people I know from Indonesia are males. It signifies power, strength and is associated with animals having long nails too like that of wolves. For some guys with long nails, it shows that they have that strong willpower because it needs the dedication to grow long nails, especially for a man criticized a lot by people. (Thanks Ced!)

3. Long Nails are Sexy

If you can't have that perfectly gorgeous body, then grow your nails as sexy as possible. That curves, no matter how curly it may be, it's a sexy thing if you can show it off. Sexy nails make you sexy also!

4. It's an Art 

Long nails polished with different colors and designs is an art. Nails become a canvass of something unique work of art.

5. It Shows Personality

A man with long nails shows personality and that he doesn't care about other people's opinion on his nails. It shows his determination to continue growing his nails no matter what other people may think about it.

6. It's Unconventional 

It makes someone a unique individual. As what I've said, not everyone can grow long nails for others' were so brittle and others think it's a nasty thing growing them. But for us who can't have that extreme talent or whatever, our nails is something that we can make us unique among them. Am I right my nail maniac friends?

7. It Draws Attention

It's easy to catch one's attention once you have long nails. Just like another friend from Hungary, where every time he passes the street, girls were mesmerized by his nails. That's pretty cool. Like me, when I am in a jeepney and about to give my fare, some were wondering about my nail and I can see that on their faces. It just so happens that there are few in my place have long nails.

8. It Motivates and Inspires

It inspires others by showing them that it can be achieved to have long nails. Another friend wants to be part of the Guinness Book of World Records having longest nails in the world just as Melvin Boothe. For that, I salute and support you. Go for it!

9. It's Good for the Feeling 

I can say that sometimes long nails are a stress reliever. Once touched by them or just merely looking at them, it just feels good.

10. It Arouses Sensation

Ever heard of nail fetishism? I only heard about it from Facebook friends who are sexually attracted to persons having long nails. Nails which scratch someone's skin increases their sensual feeling with the person, especially during the sexual act. Another weird thing I've known from another Facebook friend, he used his nails to get inside his girl's pussy and when I've heard of that, really creepy! I can't imagine how they are feeling about that.

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