Top 10 Most Annoying Social Media Selfies

Because of its popularity, especially in the social media sites, the selfie has been considered by the Oxford Dictionary as the 2013's word of the year. Taking selfie is just so easy, get on your mobile phone or digital camera, then click-click, take a photo of yourself in any matters you want. We can't deny that the unbearable photos of users using the selfie thing may have been so annoying now. It's an obvious proof of narcissism of someone. I know that it's a good thing that you love yourself, but remember, too much of something isn't good. So, take moderation of your selfies. The question now is, "to selfie or not to selfie?" Well, it depends on your motivation and the level of selfie thing you can do.

I've come to the most annoying selfies found in Facebook, even in Instagram and other social media sites. Okay. For me and even for others, here are my top 10 picks for the most annoying selfies I've seen. Take a look at these: 

 1- The Funeral Selfie - This is not only the most annoying selfies ever but also the most insensitive and the most disrespectful of all. Just imagine a family of a person who died and has seen you doing that selfie moment of yours, would it be something you have to be proud of? It is not tolerable in anyways. It would be much better if you'll solely sympathize with the family of the dead person seriously than to take your selfie and putting a #condolence#IamSad with your intentional frowning face. So insensitive of you!
Just lately, in the funeral of Nelson Mandela, an international incident of having a selfie by President Barack Obama with Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Britain's David Cameron took place. Why do such world leaders behave that way?


2. The Disaster Selfie - Woah! Really, you still got to take your selfie? Another insensitive and annoying selfie it is. It's a tragic event, yet you still got the guts to take your selfie. Why do you have to? Just to inform, "Yeah, I am here." "I survived, so let me take a selfie." Yes, it's a good thing that you survived or you haven't been affected by the disaster, but take considerations of others' feelings as well. Will they be able to be happy seeing you that way, smiling and taking your selfie, which in fact there's a disastrous happening behind you? Just keep a distance of that attitude.

Just like this guy who is at the site of a radioactive disaster, where there happened an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

via Twitter JakeFletcher
3. The Bathroom Selfie - Any activity that needs to be private, keeps it private. You're pooping and at the same time, taking your selfie? Come on dude, that is not cool. Disgusting!

Justin Bieber via Shots

4. The Skin-Revealing Selfie - For someone whose motivation of taking this kind of selfie is for the sake of art, for his/her desire to get discovered in film or modeling, it's okay. Another good thing about this if the person himself/herself has something to be proud of, then let him/her show off that body. But for someone who does it for nudity, that's a sure reason that it's not getting good. What's annoying with this if the photo itself is over-plunging.

 via: Justin Bieber's Instagram

5. The Sellotape Selfie - I can't understand why oh why do this selfie? It's really painful to look at, even if it's a funny thing to do so. For me, the persons doing this are just desperate to get other's attention. So pathetic of you guys! Just be careful of the skin irritation and suffocation you might be getting. And maybe next time you've got to try putting duct tapes on your private parts then take a selfie.

 via: Daily Mail

6. The Gym Selfie- You know what,  I know already that you're going to the gym regularly because it's indeed obvious. You take a selfie of your perfectly gorgeous body every time you're around the gym. Are you actually doing a gym stuff or just boasting it out? Okay, checking in the gym is not enough, so you take a selfie. 

  via: Justin Bieber's Instagram

It's okay if you're monitoring if there is any progress with your workout routine, but if that's what you can only post everytime you're on Facebook, that could be annoying. I admit it, there's kinda insecurity, that makes it annoying. But that's not all, it's as if you don't have any other activities than that.

7. The "I Am Sick" Selfie - Oh really, you are sick? But you still got to take that selfie, huh? Okay, I'm sympathizing on you buddy. Take care and get well soon. rolleyes emoticon

 via: Justin Bieber's Instagram

8. The Duck Face Selfie - It's as simple as making a duck's bill out of your lips. There are duck selfies which are really cute to look at, but there are others which are just horrifying. If you really look like a duck, then don't do the duckface selfie, that's redundancy. This doesn't make you prettier, it just makes you stupid. LOL. There are just people who got the right to match up with the duckface selfie.


9. The "I'm On Drugs" Selfie / "I Am Drunk" Selfie - So this is the proof you've just drunk alcohol. Okaythen later you'll act as if no one's gonna stop you from misbehaving. Also, if you've taken the "I'm on drugs" selfie, just be wary, the Bureau of Investigation may have just eyeing on you. And later, you'll get imprisoned.


10. The Sleeping Selfie - I know you're not asleep, you've taken the picture of your baby! So what happened? You've got an out of body experience to take a selfie of your self. Don't make me a fool dude. Haha!

via: Miley Cyrus' Instagram

Enough of these annoying selfies for now. Am I getting too harsh describing you? Well, just a little I guess. Next time you'll do your selfie, have a limit and think before you capture and post. The social media is a public place and later your photos may be used against you. Ooops, I guess there's the 11th selfie I wanna add, the BiebsSelfie (almost every selfie here is Justin Bieber's) So you guys, what other selfie types make you annoyed with? Share it here. wink emoticon

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