How Can I Help my Child Learn to Read?

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” - Confucius

In this modern world of ours, we see few children reading and this might affect their future. That's why as early as now, help them to get used to what will help them. In their later years, they might be having a hard time, having lesser self-confidence in expressing themselves. Reading might be a small thing, but remember small things give a big impact. Here are some parenting tips on how you can raise a child who reads:

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Be A Good Example

Children learn that reading is an important thing if they can see their mom or dad reads. When you want your children to read, then set yourselves as a good example to them. This thing goes for both parents. Since sometimes boys are having a hard time practicing or learning reading, they should be able to see his father, brother or any other significant male in the house doing it.

Read to Them

It really is an effective way if parents read to their children. Set a time for you and your child reading together. Maybe before going to bed is a perfect time. Don't bother if you're not used to it, just practice and you'll make it perfect though. Excite them, read with feeling. Doing it so will give them the enthusiasm to make it a habit.

Have Books Available

Have a bookshelf, even a small one in your house or just place books near a place where your kid is usually staying at in the house. The availability of books, children's magazines, etc. makes it easier for them to get interested in reading even without your supervision.

Cut Back on Devices

Don't let your children get exposed to gadgets at an early age. Even with television watching, set limits to them. The tendency of a child to be imaginative is lessen is they are too exposed to these things. Let your child picture out how things look like on their mind. Instill the disadvantages of devices, television and other techie things to them at a young age. Still, don't totally get rid of these, like TV. Sometimes, there are TV programs giving values that your child should adopt. 

Reward Them 

Motivate your child reading by setting goals with them. And when such goals are met, reward them. If your child finished reading a book, if he/she gained improvement in how he/she reads, then a reward may be given. Treat him/her in a restaurant, go shopping or buy them another book. Any little reward is significant in growing a child who reads and you yourself as a parent knows what will motivate more with your child.

Written by Ken Guardian

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