G4M Glutathione for Men + BeauOxi White Review

Working as a call center agent and having this stressful environment really makes you look haggard and old. You look fainted and seems to be exhausted all the time. Well, working a night shift or early in the morning, taking irate calls makes you grumpy all the time especially if you have also personal issues. 

Plus, add the bumper to bumper traffic here in Metro Manila with smoke-belching vehicles. Too much to take in one day which will surely depreciate your immune system and vibrant.

No one has actually recommended this supplement to me, I just saw a post on Instagram and I look on their page and it seems like legitimate results. My idols are using it as well so might as well I will give a shot. And to be honest I don't really need to take glutathione since I have already had white fair skin tone but I just want to look more rejuvenated and young-looking. And I got pimples as well because of depression and stress. (Kaya wag mag love-life XD).

Whats G4M: Enhanced Glutathione for Men?

It's a dietary supplement that provides the immune system with the extra strength and protection against potential oxidative damage resulting in a healthy body, fairer and radiant skin.  

Supports and promotes:
  • Active lifestyle performance
  • Longer endurance and quicker muscle recovery
  • Cell and liver detoxification
  • Good health and immune system function
  • Vascular blood floor
  • Male virility enhancement
Suggested Intake:

One tablet, twice a day. Taken after meals or as prescribed y your physician. To achieve maximum effects, take it with Vitamin C. (Info credit: 

Whats BeauOxi White C?

It is a combination of vitamin c and rose hips extract that plays an essential role in strengthening our body's immune system. It helps neutralize harmful free radicals in cells as powerful anti-oxidant.

Vitamin C helps to relieve the symptoms of cold, nervous tension, stress, mild anxiety and helps to maintain a normal healthy immune function. And rose hips can play a valuable role in the maintenance of joints, joint tissues, and mobility. It can help also in preventing and treating colds, infections, fever, improving immune functions, stomach irritations, and diarrhea. 

Results After Taking Both Supplements:

Its been 2 months now since I am taking these supplements and I am happy that it's really effective for me. My skin tone becomes whiter and radiant and at the same time somewhat pinkish. I also observe that it improve my virility with my sexual life.

I hope this helps you decide if you want to try these products. And I'm still taking these supplements since living here in the city is very stressful.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post but purely personal review based on my experience in taking the product.

Info credit: G4M + BeauOxi White labels

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