The Billionaire (Top Secret): Movie Review

"We only do those things because we don't like to see our parents, our family, and everyone suffering. Every day you will face trials, rejections, problems, but still, you have to keep on moving because we want to achieve a goal, we want to make a remarkable life"

– from the movie, “ The Billionaire/Top Secret”

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The Billionaire (Top Secret) is a movie based on real-life story. This is about Top Itthipat, a young boy who at the age of 19 dropped out from the university to have a business of his own. Just imagine someone like Top who has been an online game addict, someone who has no interest in school, will make it be the youngest billionaire in the world.

Despite the fact that his parents wanted him to be in school, he rebels against them because of the financial freedom he gets from winning in online gaming. He engaged himself in business even he has no idea of it at all. He has tried selling chestnut snacks until he found out the idea of selling dried seaweed snack. He made experimentations and innovations of the product just to make it a successful one. Initially, he was selling the products in a space in a shopping mall. Then, he tried offering it to 7Eleven. At first, he was rejected because of the products, pricing, and packaging, but he didn’t give up. Only after the incident that he gave his products to the security guard of 7Eleven then those were taken by the employees. He was in despair by then, but because fate has concurred with him, things fall into what he wasn’t expecting, this product was approved by the board. But, his struggle didn’t end up there, because he still needed to have a factory to be checked by the 7Eleven if he would really pass the standards of the company. Then, at the end, he made it. He has been through a lot of circumstances before he finally made it be the youngest distributor of products to 7Eleven.

This movie has been so inspirational for anyone who is so results-driven and goal-oriented person just like Top. If someone focuses on his dreams, nothing and no one can stop him from reaching those. In the movie, Top has proven that. This movie also taught me to think out of the box, to be different, to take the road less taken by others. This has proven that a lot of mistakes and failures will test you just for you to stand still. Just keep on believing in yourself, never surrender if you know that you are directed towards your goals. Another thing is that just keep on doing what you love and keep on loving what you do. If you want to know more about the secrets of success, then try watching this movie. It's all worth it!

Written by: Ken Guardian

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