Advantages and Disadvantages of Loom Bands

Loom bands are increasingly becoming popular. They might just be another trend in childhood. It seems that children create their fantastic loom bands everywhere. The Rainbow Loom, awarded as Toy of the Year (TOTY) for 2014, is the most popular brand.
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Besides being a toy, these loom bands have children's benefits than average toys. Not only the development of children but also their personality have psychological benefits. However, they have disadvantages that I will discuss later, no matter how profitable they may be. First, the advantages that should be known to parents or everyone.

#1 It enhances creativity.

With these loom bands, children are able to use their creative minds. There are so many colors that they can choose from and have them match. Just like painting, there are lots of colors to create something. Children can create any work of art with those colors by exercising their imagination and learning how to think creatively. Similar to this, they can create individualized patterns in the loom bands. From their imagination, they can create something that they can see tangibly after they are made. 

#2 It strengthens social skills.

Many children love loom bands and create different bracelets and other stuff. It is a way of socializing with each other, when swapping what they did, sharing ideas on new designs and patterns, and working together on bracelets and others. It's very similar to having and enjoying a social activity.

#3 It instills the value of patience and persistence.

As kids make their bracelets with loom bands, it really took a while just to finish those. Along the process of making, mistakes will happen. As children, they will not succeed eventually finishing their desired designs. That is why they will need the patience to keep on going until they finish it. Not only that, what if they want to make a more complex design? They will surely learn to be patient enough before mastering doing it so. In the end, there will be a feeling of satisfaction in the kids once they made it along with being persistent in making something on their own.

How to Make Rainbow Loom Bands

On the other hand, these loom bands have also negative effects psychologically to those persons hooked on doing it and to the society itself. Just like these:

#1 Loom band addiction

As reported by Huffington Post last October 2013, two schools in New York City have banned the Rainbow Looms for students are becoming addicted to it. Reportedly,  the kids couldn't live without it and already getting to the point of being really crazy about it. 

The Huffington Post reported: 
Administrators at P.S. 107 said that loom band mania was getting in the way of learning. Litwack explained that kids were weaving bracelets when teachers’ backs were turned. She also said that some kids teased others for not having kits of their own.

Yes, that is true that no matter how helpful it may be, there are certain things that really need to have limits. Parents should be aware of that. It may lead to a much complicated psychological problem, only once it is not anymore becoming normal.

#2 Loom bands can make animals ill

Another report here in the Philippines has taken PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) and the EcoWaste Coalition to say that once the loom bands are swallowed by cats and dogs, it will make them ill. Ingestion of rubber bands can cause stomach upset and seriously shatter the intestinal tract and may lead to loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea, the groups said. (As reported by GMA News)

Still, the Rainbow Loom has emphasized that the bands should be kept away from the pets. In this case, people should also be aware of the fake loom bands that are now in the market as the product is getting more popular for buyers. These may have harmful metals or chemicals that have been used in these. Just beware.

Written by: Ken Guardian

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