What Makes One Direction So Popular?

It is undeniably true that One Direction is now the number one boy band at this point of time. The boy band is composed of English-Irish boys, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis TomlinsonAfter the reign of Backstreet BoysWestlifeA1 and others in the 90’s and early 2000’s, One Direction has taken the spot of the most popular boy band in the world. But what really makes them that popular that much? Well, I gotta tell you, here’s some things I know the reason why they’ve got millions and millions of almost suicidal fans just to see and be with them. 

What makes One Direction So Popular?
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1- They’ve Got The X-Factor. After the reality show, X-Factor in 2010 where this boy group has won 3rd place, many opportunities open for them. Though it is obvious that they placed 3rd, the fame that they gathered didn’t end there. Thanks to Simon Cowell. Without him, the quintet wouldn’t have been brought to the public where they are now. Simon really played a very significant role in shaping them. From the time they auditioned as solo performers to the time they were formed as a group, he really is extremely invaluable.

    2- The Looks. Hmmm. Who would have thought that these boys’ ugly faces will become superstars? Just kidding. It’s very apparent that they are so handsome and so hot dudes. Even if you are not that fan of their music, you can't deny that they’ve been well-catered of those looks that they have. From their hair, their faces, their clothes, everything, they’ve got those.

     3- The Voice. They may not be the most talented singers ever in the industry, but they can sing perfectly catchy to the audience’s ears. They’ve got entertaining performances. Their songs are pretty good too. From their first song, “What Makes You Beautiful” to “Live While We’re Young” and among others, they really make music a hit on the chart.

     4- The Social Media. Without the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., One Direction wouldn’t have been able to keep on pushing their success. From the time they have started, social media has been part of their journey. Almost every little thing they do, they’re connected with their fans all over the globe. Just like Harry Styles who has got more than 20 million followers on Twitter.

     5- The ‘Directioners.’ These are the loyal fans of the boy band. From the time they started to this very point of time, the loyal supporters of One Direction have always been there. Actually, it was really these fans that made them started as what they are now. From there in UK to USA and the rest of the world, Directioners has grown unstoppably. 

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